Jun 20

Arvydas Sabonis Goes USO

By caseyholdahl Posted in: arvydassabonis

We'll be live at the practice facility once again for today's workout, which is expected to have some big names. Check out around 11 AM for live interviews.

But let's take a quick break from all the draft talk to enjoy this terrific photo gallery of Arvydas Sabonis visiting the Rukla Military Base in Lithuania. There's Classic Sabonis looking at items inquisitively, in the case above, an assault rifle (which is seemingly one of his favorite pastimes).

Then there's Classic Sabonis being tall and smiling amongst a bunch of steely-eyed soldiers in Ghillie suits.

And of course, Classic Sabonis shooting a large-caliber anti-tank gun.

Please, do yourself a favor and head over to for the rest. And if you happen to read Lithuanian fluently, you can also check out these and more great Sabonis photos at


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