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Barrett's 2012 Mock Draft

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Trail Blazers T V Play-by-Play Mike Barrett gives his 2012 NBA draft predictions. You can view his full mock draft here and complete your own to enter the Mock Draft Contest for a chance to win a night with the broadcasters during the televised Draft Night Special.

1.) New Orleans: Anthony Davis
There’s Davis in this draft, and then there is everyone else.  That’s how good he is.  Amazing to think that he was a guard before his 7-inch growth spurt.  All he has to do now is bulk up.  Physical maturity seems to be the only thing he really has to concentrate on at this point.  Will likely step in as a starter in the NBA, ceiling is very high.  Everything you’d want in a top pick.

2.) Charlotte: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Some mocks have him slipping a bit, to at least 5th or 6th.  I don’t see it.  Charlotte doesn’t want to roll the dice on someone.  They want sure-fire help.  MKG gives that to them.  I love the way he attacks the basket, and shows that same determination rebounding.  He’s very solid in all areas, and that’s why he’s a zero-risk guy.  Could be a bit of a tweener at the next level, as he’s just 6-6, but attitude and aggressiveness make up for a lot of that.

3.) Washington: Thomas Robinson Despite the fact that he doesn’t blow you away in any one category (kind of like Kidd-Gilchrist), he’s one of the safest picks in the draft.  Not the overall athlete you’d expect this high, but has that one thing you can’t coach- an incredibly strong motor and desire.  Solid pick at 3.  He comes from a great program, and has been well coached.  

4.) Cleveland: Harrison Barnes The major knock against Barnes is that he can’t create his own shot, and doesn’t have a solid first step.  But, despite that, he can score.  Kyrie Irving can set him up, and Barnes can certainly knock them down.  From everything we’ve heard, Barnes is a very good kid with a great work ethic.  That makes up for many shortcomings.

5.) Sacramento: Bradley Beal
Even though the Kings are in decent shape at this position (shooting guard), Beal is a pretty safe bet not to fall past this spot.  Has perhaps the best range of any shooter in the draft, and can contribute to a team right away.  He’s unselfish, and has a high basketball I.Q.  Very young, but has a huge upside.

6.) Portland: Damian Lillard
Perhaps the best point guard in the draft, Lillard was one of the best scorers in college basketball last season.  Despite having that tag, is very good at getting others involved as well.  He’s also an above-average defender.  There are some concerns about his injury history, especially after he missed an entire season before his junior year.  His pre-draft workouts will be vital, as some have questioned the competition he faced on a nightly basis in college hoop.

7.) Golden State: Andre Drummond
No one in this draft is a bigger gamble than Drummond.  He could go as high as #2, and could also easily slip into the second 10.  Has the skills to be a dominant big man, but questions about his desire will hurt him.  He’s very much a project, but the Warriors can afford to be patient with Andrew Bogut manning the middle for the time being.  

8.) Toronto: Terence Ross A good shooter, and a guy who will look very good in a pre-draft workout.  That’s the reason his stock is on the rise.  I have him moving up to this spot because of that, and I’ve got him going higher than most mocks.  Very good size for an NBA shooting guard, and has the frame to handle more weight.

9.) Detroit: Jeremy Lamb He is thin and needs to really transform his body, but will certainly get that chance, and is probably worth the gamble.  He has the potential to be a very solid scorer in the NBA.  Lamb is a guy who could see his stock rise a ton right before the draft, and could easily end up going in the top 6 or 7.  Has a great work ethic, and has impressed scouts with his outside shooting off the catch (not so much off the dribble).

10.) New Orleans: Austin Rivers
I know, this is higher than most people expect Rivers to go, but the Hornets need a gutsy scorer to go along with Eric Gordon.  Rivers is another guy who will kill it in pre-draft workouts and even though execs say they don’t get swayed simply by a great workout, they will.  Rivers will slide up this high by draft day.  

11.) Portland: Meyers Leonard
Hardly anyone has him going this high, but I saw him workout.   He was impressive.  He’s got true NBA-center size, and has the frame to pack on a lot more bulk.  He worked out with Tyler Zeller for Portland, and even though he lacks Zeller’s overall skill at this point, I think he’ll be the better center down the road.  I got to spend about 15 minutes with Leonard after his workout and he’s a very solid kid, and is a great story.  He’s got good hands, and looks to be a solid passer.   Could be a very solid NBA center in a couple of years.

12.) Milwaukee: John Henson
Tough call who will go first, Henson or Sullinger, but I’m thinking Henson.  In fact, Henson could easily go top 10.  Henson runs very well, and is just now learning how to utilize his size.  Not much of a scorer, but could be a terrific shot blocker very soon in the NBA.  Needs to put on weight, like a lot of weight, to truly reach his potential.

13.) Phoenix: Perry Jones
Very, very athletic, and very much a project.  But, he’ll be tough to pass up if he’s available in this area.  He’ll be impressive in pre-draft workouts and that’s probably the reason he’s climbing up the chart in most mock drafts.  Red flags exist in the “demeanor” and “approach to the game” catagories, from what some execs have said.  But, he’s an amazing talent and very much a gamble.  Unpolished, but as physically talented as anyone in the draft.

14.) Houston: Tyler Zeller Got to see him workout for Portland, and he can undoubtedly help a team right away.  He’s a very safe pick, in that he’s very mature (four-year guy), very likable, and has a great work ethic.   He’ll get pushed around by most NBA centers, but in a fast-paced system, could be very effective.  Always tough to tell with four-year guys if they still have untapped talents in there somewhere, but even with that concern, Zeller shouldn’t fall much past this point in the draft.

15.) Philadelphia: Kendall Marshall
Can’t really score, but can run a team.   Likely the second-best point guard in the draft, and is a good floor general, but lacks a consistent jump shot.  Will rack up the assists, but has to learn to score a bit too.

16.) Houston: Arnett Moultrie
Tremendous raw skills, and should certainly be listed as a “project.”  Has the size to be an NBA 4, but appeared to be more comfortable at the 3 in college.  Needs to bulk up a bit, and needs to develop a back-to-the-basket game.

17.) Dallas: Dion Waiters
Won’t fall much past this point in the draft.  Some have him close to the top 10, but I think that’s a little high for him.  Will be an impressive work-out guy, and stock seems to be a bit on the rise.

18.) Minnesota: Jared Sullinger At one point some experts had him going in the top 10, but has slipped a bit, but I don’t see him falling past 20.  Isn’t as athletic as you would expect, and lacks some of the quickness that he’ll need to be effective in the NBA.  

19.) Orlando: Terrence Jones He’s the definition of an NBA “tweener” and doesn’t have a set position.  But, he was impressive enough in two years at Kentucky to still be a top 25 pick.  Needs to develop a jumper

20.) Denver: Moe Harkless Young and thin, but has enough natural athleticism to be a first-round pick.  Runs the floor very well and in the right system could be effective.

21.) Boston: Royce White Played just one year at Iowa State, but will be 21 by draft time, so is probably more mature than his experience would indicate.  Not a good distance shooter and struggles at the foul line as well.  

22.) Boston: Andrew Nicholson
Plays bigger than his size, and has very nice touch from the perimeter.  Some have questioned his motor, and for a senior, that’s not a compliment.  Still, a solid athlete who should go in the first round.

23.) Atlanta: Doron Lamb A very good scorer, but not a tremendous athlete.  Seems to be aggressive, but playing with Kentucky, it was tough to tell.  He had to share the ball with a lot of other talented players.  Pre-draft workouts will be crucial to his draft position.

24.) Cleveland: Jeff Taylor Probably won’t ever be a great scorer at the NBA level, and seems to lack the confidence to have a huge impact.  Still, is a very good athlete and is an above-average defender, with good strength.

25.) Memphis: Fab Melo
Has legit size for an NBA center, and could be a good banger in time, but you’re not going to get much offense from him.  Probably should be a better rebounder than he’s shown, but will likely stay in the first round just given his size and strength.

26.) Indiana: Marquis Teague A very intriguing point guard, who could have a huge upside.  An amazing athlete, but doesn’t always seem to get his teammates as involved as a point guard should.  I’d rather have his brother right now, but Marquis could be as good in time.

27.) Miami: Evan Fournier Doesn’t have the long-range skill that he’ll need to be an impactful NBA player right away, but certainly has the potential to be a decent perimeter scorer.  That’s all you’re looking for late in the first round.

28.) OKC: Quincy Miller I love the 7-3 wingspan, but there are some concerns about his knee (tore ACL in high school).  Fairly thin, and not a great athlete, but polished enough to slip into the first round.

29.) Chicago: Draymond Green Not sure why so many people have Green slipping into the second round.  If you watched any Big-10 hoops this year, Green absolutely catches your eye on the court and can take over a game by himself.  He could be a steal late in the first, or early in the second.

30.) Golden State: Khris Middleton Tough to tell on this guy since an ankle injury kept him from really showing his true stuff last season.  A good shooter, and a good value late in the first round. 


  1. MB: I have Drummand at 6 and Marshall at 11. actually either Marshall or Lillard if they are both available, of course Lillard. I think I like your picks pretty good. Leonard isn't nearly as scary as Drummand.

    by Hg on 6/11/2012 10:58 AM
  2. I like where you are at with this mock. I like Henson and Sullinger also at 11, but Lillard would be my pick at six.

    by dflight37 on 6/11/2012 11:06 AM
  3. Another injury prone high pick? Are you kidding me? Come on we gotta be smarter than that... If we wind up with another durant situation....

    by Jason Strohmeyer on 6/11/2012 11:11 AM
  4. I'm not entirely sure about picking Leonard at 11, he definitely has more potential than Zeller, but like you said, Zeller will be able to help straight away. But I definitely think either of those two would be a good pick if we were to draft Lillard at 6.
    @Jason Strohmeyer I would rather pick someone who has proven potential and talent, the best at their position in the draft and only missed out on one season from breaking their foot, than someone who had an average season in college, and for all we know, could be the next Kwame Brown.

    by CameraOn on 6/11/2012 2:50 PM
  5. I caught a bit of the centers working out at the combine and Drummond looks scary good, well above the other centers at this point. If he turns out, any team who passed on him from 2 on down is gonna be looking foolish.

    by dgpdx on 6/11/2012 3:42 PM
  6. Don:
    I agree, if Drummand is there at six, I think you have to go for him, then take Marshall at 11, or BPA, and get Dragic with Free agency. But I am so confused, I don't know who is best. I definitely like Lillard, but no way do you pass on Drummand even if he is a high risk.

    by Hg on 6/11/2012 4:45 PM
  7. They said in Chicago that Drummond only measured 6'9" so is he really Center sized. I am just flatout scared of drafting him. Maybe I am way off base here. I like the way Mike has it going, and I agree about Green from Mich State he was a monster. Maybe the Blazers can package their 2 second rounders and move up. Sign Aaron Brooks or Dragic in free agency and Lillard can come in instant offense off the bench.

    by basketmatt on 6/11/2012 6:30 PM
  8. Lillard might be ok at #6, but I didn't know he had an injury history. Usually that doesn't bode well for Portland. Please don't waste our higher pick on another injury prone player.

    by newellbrian on 6/12/2012 1:00 PM
  9. @basketmatt

    Drummond measured in at 6'9.75 without shoes, and a legit 6'11.75 WITH shoes on. with very few 7 footers in the league, i think drummonds size is fine, and he also had one of the biggest wingspans at 7'6.25 feet. I feel that if Portland drafts drummond, its because they feel his abilities will have a good synergy with LaMarcus.

    As for drafting lillard, im not opposed, but i feel we could answer our point guard woes with a proven player like Goran Dragic, or even Kyle Lowry.

    by Justin Marcellay on 6/12/2012 1:08 PM
  10. Up to a point, wingspan can be more important than height. Bill Russell was about 3 inches shorter than Wilt Chamberlain, but they both had the same standing vertical reach, just slightly below the rim. Russell's wingspan and quickness made him the best paint defender in the league during his playing days.

    by dgpdx on 6/13/2012 11:34 PM
  11. I love the Lillard pick and I really hope you're right on with your mock draft, Mike because I want Portland to draft him and do it at 6 because I don't think he'll be there at 11. Portland really needs back court scoring and this guy is lights out. FYI, if any of you didn't know, Lillard averaged 24.5 PPG and he shot .467 from the field, .409 from 3-point range and .887 from the foul line. And he does have NBA range from the 3-point line as I've seen many highlights of him doing it.

    For those who are pro Drummond, I'm serious, he's a MAJOR PASS in my book. Yes, he could end up being really good, but the odds are not in his favor as he will be a SERIOUS project. And get this, he hit .295 from the foul line. That's beyond horrible. That's worse than DeAndre Jordan and that's saying something. There are other parts of his game that just don't look right and he may never get it right, in fact, that's more than likely. And can the Blazers really afford another bust at center after what happened with Greg Oden. Believe me if Drummond doesn't pan out, it will look even worse on the Blazer resume in selecting centers if it doesn't and the sad thing is Oden had a much better upside than Drummond if he would have stayed healthy.

    Hey guys, here are the scouting videos for both Drummond and Lillard and judge for yourselves.

    Andre Drummond:

    Damian Lillard:

    by Shem on 6/14/2012 11:45 PM
  12. @Shem:
    I have studied both Lillard and Drummand, and truth be known, I am glad I don't have to make the decision as I am torn between them. IMO, if Drummand is on the board the FO will take him.
    But if Drummand is on board that would probably mean that Lillard was taken in the top 5.
    I have more then one thought on this, other then trading up, If we take BPA at 6 and 11, we could end up with two bigs and that would cover the FO rear if Drummand doesn't pan out as in maybe Leonard.
    The second thought is pick either Lillard or Drummand at 6 then go Leonard or Marshall at 11. Ending up with LIllard and Leonard or Drummand and Marshall.
    I know that Marshall is a liability on D but it is said he makes up for it in BBIQ and team D. Marshall is the Polar opposite of Lillard and I would like to have both, like in one Body Lol. But i asked and was told and believe that Lillard can learn court vision and passing and Marshall can learn better shooting, plus their positions in college warranted them to be the type of PG they were, as Lillard was the only scorer he was asked and took the team on his back and became the scorer for Weber state. Whereas Marshall had many talented scorers on the team and was asked and delivered just that.
    As you see, I am totally torn with how to go, so again, I am thankful I am not the GM.
    BTW, I don't disagree with you on Lillard, and I have read the stats on Drummand and the 29% free throw shooting is scary bad, but I remember when Joel couldn't' hit a free throw to save his rear and was taught to make them. and from what I hear Drummand has the mechanics just a questionable Motor and that is questionable as to whether he can over come that or not, same book as Nic. We will have to wait and see what the draft Gods brings our way.

    by Hg on 6/15/2012 5:17 AM
  13. hey MB, i'm not sold on Lillard. a few around here are, but the bottom line is that i don't think he's the sixth best player in this draft. the plain fact that most everyone says Drummond could go higher than sixth, yet no one is saying that about Lillard. i do agree with you that if we take Lillard early, then Leonard (or perhaps Zeller) will possibly be the 11th pick.

    then again, given our recent draft history, it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up with two guards. of our last five players selected over the past three drafts, all five have been guards (i don't count the trade for Luke since we actually gave up one of our contracted players for him). i know the philosophy is "best player available," but it's just baffling that our last five best players available have been guards. even with a new gm, i wonder if that will change.

    by the way, in my first mock, i've got us taking Drummond at #6 and Washington's Terrence Ross at #11. my second mock will come out on tuesday night.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 6/19/2012 6:46 PM
  14. @Kassandra: The latest mock draft by Scott Howard Cooper now has Drummond at #9. It seems that the more he works out, the less his value is becoming. You should also read Mike Rice's twitter comments about Drummond. He wants no part of him and I'm betting Rice along with MB got to watch Drummond work out recently. Drummond is screaming red flags if you read about his weaknesses.


    @HG: Word is Joel Freeland is looking to come to the NBA and if he does, the Blazers may not have to draft a big guy at #11 assuming the Blazers take Lillard at #6. I'd rather have Freeland come over than take a chance on Drummond who IMO is more likely going to be a bust than a success. Just too many red flags in his game that scream bust.

    by Shem on 6/22/2012 11:46 AM
  15. @Shem:
    I also have heard about Drummond's weaknesses. Mainly his lack of motor. A fast motor is not teachable. Too many ? marks on Drummond.
    Draft one week away. If history repeats itself, Portland fans are in for some surprises. Always a crap shoot.

    by Divotking on 6/22/2012 5:52 PM
  16. @Shem and Divotking:
    It isn't so much that Drummand is being red flagged as it is that Lillard and Waiters is moving up and it is slated that they might go at 5, 6, or seven and if one draftee moves up another has to move down.
    IMO, the Blazers will trade Freeland, Maybe they trade Freeland and 11 for Collison and Indy's 26 pick then we would not need a PG LOL. just showing that the debate can go both ways.
    Drummand Motors is questionable because of the lack of improvement from his high school to his Freshman year in college. but he is only 18 and it is thought that his coach in college didn't use the right motivation tools on Drummand and Drummand went backwards instead of forward on production, he shot over 50% at the free throw line in high school to 25% in college. that tells me that other things then BB was on his mind; maybe he was just homesick and unhappy. Remember he has the emotions of a Senior in high school or a teenager.
    BTW, that dude can run up and down the floor with the speed of LMA.
    I am not saying that Drummand will be great, no more then you can say Lillard will be great. Myself, I hope we can figure a way to get them both. But, I will not get into your debate of cutting one down to try to make the other look better. They both have their high side and low side, Along with Marshall and Leonard. We need a big and a PG desperately and we have many ways to address the needs; Who ever they pick,I will support.

    by Hg on 6/23/2012 5:57 AM
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