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NBA Draft: Who Would You Take At Number Two?

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There is only one sure thing in this years draft, Anthony Davis will go no. 1, to the New Orleans Hornets. Other than that, this years draft is a complete guess. There are four players with a legitimate shot at going no. 2. I have broken down that second pick and weighed the pros and cons of why each player with potential to be drafted no. 2 should or shouldn’t be drafted there. For the rest of my picks, check out my full mock draft.

Harrison Barnes - Pros: the simple answer is the UNC connection, but there is more to it than just that. Barnes has a tremendous upside. He can shoot the ball, is a good athlete and comes from a big time program, so he’s familiar with the burden of having to carry a heavy load on his shoulders. His length and high release mean he will have no problem getting his shot off at the next level. Cons: He is not considered the 2nd best prospect in the draft. In fact, I’m not sure he’s considered to be in the top four. Scouts say he doesn’t play with a high motor and has a tendency to fade in clutch situations and they point to this years NCAA performance as proof. I give him a repreive for that because of the injury to his starting PG Marshall. As for the lack of a motor, I remember the same things being said about Rudy Gay when he was a senior? But he’s turned into an all-star caliber player at the next level.  

Thomas Robinson - Pros: Plays as hard or harder than anyone in this years draft. He’s tireless worker who knows how to play HIS game. Which translates well at the next level because you don’t have to worry about him getting outside himself. A double-double guy at Kansas, he was the best big in the NCAA tournament not named Davis and some good workouts will only increase his stock. He’s the undisputed 2nd best talent in the class so this wouldn’t come as a shock either. Cons: Bismack Biyombo, the Bobcats drafted a similar type player in last years draft and I can’t see Rich Cho making the same mistakes in Charlotte that he/they did in Seattle. Drafting the same position year after year, can you say Robert Swift, Johan Petro, Mouhamed Sene? History will be what keeps Thomas Robinson from being selected with the 2nd pick in this years draft.

Andre Drummond - Pros:  Size, strength, athletic ability.  Drummond is the most physically talented, imposing player in the draft. A true back to the basket center that can change games on both ends of the floor. His comparisons range anywhere from DeAndre Jordan to DeMarcus Cousins, neither of which is a bad thing. He’s gonna need time to adjust to the speed of the NBA but he has all the tools to do it. Cons: He doesn’t always play hard so he fades in and out of games. Some scouts have credited a low motor for this problem, but I don’t think that’s that case. I had a chance to see him play in person in high school and on the TV a couple times at UConn. I think there is a different set of circumstances that leads to what appears to be his low motor and he loses interest and focus in the game at times. With a proper diet and some simple exercises to learn to focus I think this problem can be overcome.

Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist - Pros: The MOST NBA ready guy in the draft, he has EVERY intangible a coach could ask for and a very safe pick for Rich Cho at the no. 2 pick.  Athletic, smart, hard-nosed, strong, did I mention hard-nosed, coachable, all the things you need in a franchise player. Cons: lacks a consistent jumpshot, seriously, thats about I could find. LOL

Log on to, for my full mock draft, along with mock drafts from all my broadcast counterparts.


  1. The team we are looking at is charlette who's GM is Jordan. With all of Jordans fails I think he will play the draft as safe as possible. His biggest players are Kemba at pg, Thomas at pf, and Maggette at sf. They need a C or a sg. Drummond is way risky for what they need, and in reality the safest pick outside the unibrow is Beal. I believe Beal is the pick for CHA for the reason he is safe and is one of their two immediate needs.

    by jamsmashers on 6/7/2012 12:11 PM
  2. Charlotte needs to take MKG! They need a leader on that team; a voice whose not going to accept losing. He'll bring a winners mentality to that franchise.

    by ClydeFrog on 6/7/2012 4:16 PM
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