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Jun 05

Rice’s 2012 Mock Draft

By Mike Rice Posted in: 2012draft, draft2012, mockdraft

Trail Blazers TV Analyst Mike Rice gives his 2012 NBA draft predictions. You can view his full mock draft here and complete your own to enter the Mock Draft Contest for a chance to win a night with the broadcasters during the televised Draft Night Special.

1.) New Orleans: Anthony Davis All 30 GMs would take him number one. Anthony has the skills of Kevin Durant on offense and has the defensive skills of Kevin Garnett when he was young.

2.) Charlotte: Thomas Robinson A lot of teams mention different names here, but his 7-11 wingspan and his great energy put him at the number two pick. He will start from day-one for the Bobcats.

3.) Washington: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist The Wizards might pick Andre Drummond but he has a history of not working as hard as he should (he just lost 30 pounds for the draft.) So my pick here is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, a 6-7 small forward with a 7-foot wingspan and a shut-down defender.

4.) Cleveland: Bradley Beal The number four pick will depend on team needs , it could be Harrison Barnes or Andre Drummond but my guess is Florida two-guard Bradley Beal will be the 4th pick. He can shoot off the dribble and can pass to open shooters and will be perfect with Irving.

5.) Sacramento: Andre Drummond Now the 5th pick will depends on if you need a big or a guard scorer, Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers, but my pick here is Andre Drummond and he is too talented to fall below here. The question is can he exist next to DeMarcus Cousins.

6.) Portland: Damian Lillard The Blazers will most likely trade this pick for a point guard or a big man, but if they don’t they will pick Damian Lillard of Weber St., a scoring point guard. But the Blazers wont want to use a 6th pick on Lillard or Zeller—maybe an 11th pick, but not the 6th. Jared Sullinger might be a long shot pick here since Blazers do need a banger inside.

7.) Golden State: Harrison Barnes Anyone else picking here would take one of the talented guards, Rivers or Lamb, but Golden State has guards so they will take Harrison Barnes if he is there.

8.) Toronto: Perry Jones Now the next group of players all have warts of some kind. In this group it’s Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, John Henson and Tyler Zeller. My 8th pick is Perry Jones of Baylor, but he hasn’t improved from his freshman year. The Raptors also like Lamb.

9.) Detroit: Jeremy Lamb
From UCONN, he needs to become more aggressive both physically and mentally. The Pistons may go big here if Jones is still on the board.

10.) New Orleans: John Henson From North Carolina, he will be picked up before teammate Tyler Zeller. He has good length at 6-10 and is a solid rebounder. New Orleans also likes Terrence Ross of the Washington Huskies.

11.) Portland: Kendall Marshall If it’s the Blazers then they will take Kendall Marshall here. He averages nine assists a game though he’s not a great athlete. If they don’t take Lillard at six it’s Marshall at 11.

12.) Milwaukee: Tyler Zeller The Bucks will take Tyler Zeller here to help replace Andrew Bogut. He can run for a big man.

13.) Phoenix: Austin Rivers Someone who has moved up with great workouts is Weber State’s Damian Lillard, a 6-2 point guard, but if he is gone they will take Kendall Marshall or Austin Rivers.

14.) Houston: Jared Sullinger Someone who has dropped might get picked here—Jared Sullinger of Ohio State. His lack of speed and athleticism has pushed him here. If it’s not him then it will be Austin Rivers.

15.) Philadelphia: Terrence Ross
Terrence Ross of Washington. He doesn’t have much respect but is having good workouts. He would fit the 76ers system.

16.) Houston: Meyers Leonard Maybe Meyers Leonard has more upside than Zeller. He is 19-years-old. He could be a real find or a bust if he turns out to be too soft for the NBA.

17.) Dallas: Terrence Jones Dallas will be looking to spend money on Deron Williams so here they need a big to rebound for them. If Leonard, Zeller and Sullinger are gone they could take Terrence Jones of Kentucky.

18.) Minnesota: Dion Waiters If the Wolves don’t trade Beasley then they could use someone who can get their shot off the dribble. That could be Rivers if he’s there or Dion Waiters of Syracuse. He has great strength but is not a point guard.

19.) Orlando: Moe Harkless The Magic are not sure if Howard will be there so they could trade him for bigs and draft Moe Harkless of St. Johns. He thought he was not used properly at St. Johns so he came out after his freshman year. He has talent and upside.

20.) Denver: Fab Melo Denver and George Karl always surprise you with picks. If Terrence Jones is here they like him. If not maybe a surprise with Fab Melo of Syracuse.

21.) Boston: Royce White
The Celtics like Meyers Leonard but he won’t be available here so they get Royce White from Iowa St. who had a great NCAA game against UCONN.

22.) Boston: Andrew Nicholson
The Celtics get to pick again here and if they break up their team of vets they may go with Andrew Nicholson of St. Bonaventure. He is a four-year senior that has offensive potential at 6-9. They also like Evan Fournier from France.

23.) Atlanta: Jeff Taylor If the Hawks trade Joe Johnson because of money they could take Jeff Taylor of Vanderbilt. He is 6-6 and can play defense.

24.) Cleveland: Arnett Moultrie The Cavs may go big here with Arnett Moultrie of Mississippi State. He is 6-11 and is coming out of his junior year. They also like Fab Melo.

25.) Memphis: Marquis Teague They like both Marquis Teague and Tony Wroten at the point spot to back up Mike Conley. I think they take Teague of Kentucky, a freshman point guard.

26.) Indiana: Doron Lamb Larry Bird loves shooters and would like Jeff Taylor here but if he’s gone then Doron Lamb the two-guard from Kentucky.

27.) Miami: Quincy Miller If they go small Tyshawn Taylor, but I believe they will go big with Quincy Miller of Baylor. He was a great high school player who is a big small forward.

28.) Oklahoma City: Evan Fournier
They go to France to take Evan Fournier. He started early in France and can be stashed for a couple of years.

29.) Chicago: John Jenkins They like 6-4 John Jenkins of Vandy. He will give Korver a rest. Jenkins is the best outside shooter in college this year.

30.) Golden State: Festus Ezeli They might go big with Festus Ezeli the big center from Vandy. He is a banger that will set great picks for Golden State guards.


  1. The "Hornets" with the # 2 pick? They left Charlotte 10 years ago. The Bobcats will take Robinson with the # 2 pick! I hope Portland keeps both picks and brings in two young stars. Teams can't have enough draft picks in this first summer of the new CBA deal, free agents will be looking to get paid off comparable players in recent years and the CBA's drop in % to the players dictates a 15% drop in player wages...in essence, teams will over-pay in free agency this summer, so the more draft picks you have at pre-established rates, the better off they will be. Olshey understands that!

    by BlockParty aka Teamship on 6/5/2012 6:20 PM
  2. Zeller or Leanard would be a better pick at #11. Marshall is, as you say, not overly athletic, nor can he create his own shot when needed; means he will be unable to keep defenses honest. if Marshall is the best avalaible at #11, then the best-player-availavle strategy needs to be thrown out the window. it would be a wasted pick. also, if we do select a pg at #6, we won't at #11 (btw, Lillard is not a pur point; he's a combo guard & don't we already have a couple of those?).

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 6/6/2012 6:21 AM
  3. Hey Mike Rice: I am trying to be more knowledgable in the draft, but as I read up I find that I want about 20 of the draftees on our team.
    I somewhat agree with Kassandra on Zeller or Leanard, but I would prefer Leanard or Perry Jones; the thing I am hung up on is are we drafting for the future and using cap space for players in the PG and Center Catigory for next year.
    I also am curious about Joe Freeland, I think it coming to the time of using him or losing him. If he can't make it in the NBA by now, it is time to cut him.

    by Hg on 6/6/2012 6:44 AM
  4. Big pass on Leonard and Zeller. To me the only center worth drafting in the first round is Andre Drummond.

    by DHawes22 on 6/6/2012 8:42 AM
  5. I think they should trade down. I'd look at trading #6 to the Hornets for their #10 and Eric Gordon. You can still grab a point #10, I'd also look at trading #11 to Boston for #21 and #22, i'd also want Ray Allen in that. The big task will be using up that cap space by buying contracts during the draft

    by Dave Hanson on 6/6/2012 9:11 AM
  6. I like your idea Dave, just one problem.

    Hornets aren't going to make that trade since spots 2-10 are up in the air. 1 is Anthony Davis, 2-10 is ???? Hornets would be taking a huge risk. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but Gordon is a FA. It'd be a huge risk both ways.

    The Boston trade... probably benefits Boston more. There are 3 players keeping the Celtic's in the playoffs and are surprising everyone. None of those 3 are Ray Allen, who has been awful. Ray would probably be about 20 minutes a game and probably average around 9 points on a good night. We're moving forward, and signing an aged 3 point shooter is another big risk for us. MIGHT be worth it for the 2 picks as well, but... Ray Allen's career puts a higher price than he's actually worth, since he's been below average so far.

    For me, I can't really comment on the draft all too much. I don't watch college ball, and honestly don't know who any of these players are. All I hope is the Blazers can get REALLY good players if they trade the picks. I'm leaning more on keeping them. This team is in rebuild mode, as much as the management wants to deny that. We only have one player worth really mentioning and that's LaMarcus. We either need PROVEN veterans or we need to keep these picks.

    If we signed current players, we'd expect instant results. That hardly happens. I think this franchise would feel more comfortable in the draft. We're likely going to have to let Batum walk since he's going to get a lot of offers and we''ll either lose him or overpay him. This team's got a lot of changes coming ahead, might as well start fresh with an All-Star so that you could potentially start another big 3. Remember, some of the best players in this league weren't drafted first.

    by Herr on 6/6/2012 9:55 AM
  7. Herr: I am not disputing your comments on Ray Allen, as he is getting up in the BB years, I just want to add that Ray Allen is suffering with bone spurs in his ankle and that effect his shooting tremendously; as he is planning on surgery after this season is over then we could evaluate his performance. IMO he is way to old for a team that wants to retool whether then to quick fix with aging vets. This is just in fairness to Ray's bad play as he is very courageous for just playing through the pain.+-------------

    by Hg on 6/6/2012 10:25 AM
  8. The Blazers will be making their deals on draft day and not when free agency begins, there are teams over the cap that will trade away contracts to get under the cap. I expect the Blazers to come out of draft day with atleast 2 proven players and atleast 1 rookie. Should be a fun draft though...June 28th

    by Dave Hanson on 6/6/2012 6:53 PM
  9. After hearing Olshey speak, I just don't see any way Portland trade that #6 pick...it's simply too valuable. I also wouldn't be surprised if the new GM wheels and deals on draft day, netting us a third first round pick..just a hunch.

    by ClydeFrog on 6/7/2012 4:14 PM
  10. @ClydeFrog; Picks don't have value or win games, it is the players you can get with the pick that has value; that being said, if Portland can get a better player with the pick through trade, then they can through draft then I am sure they will trade the draft.

    by Hg on 6/7/2012 4:18 PM
  11. @Hg, you'd be surprised about value. A pick typically has higher value BEFORE the selection is made because it has so much potential. Once the pick is made it's value is only as much as a team will value the specific player selected.

    Make sense?

    by sarahhecht on 6/7/2012 4:28 PM
  12. Miss Sarah: Not really. the pick only has the value of the player we get, or the player we trade for. A pick can't win us games, can't make us better, just what we can get with the pick. But true the potential of the Draft is valuable in who we can get, not the pick it self.

    by Hg on 6/7/2012 4:54 PM
  13. Hg, here's how it was explained to me by Chad: A pick has greater value before a selection is made because it has more possibility than after it's used. The high value is due to the options for the pick whereas a used pick is only worth the value an interested team places on the chosen player.

    Try thinking of value in dollar amounts. Say a first pick contract pays $5M to the selected player. Another team who doesn't have the first pick may be willing to pay more than what the contract is worth ($5M) to get the player they fancy with that pick. (I know first picks never get traded, but you can apply the concept to any pick.)

    Does that make it clearer?

    by sarahhecht on 6/7/2012 5:03 PM
  14. @Miss Sarah; yes that is much clearer, I understand where you are coming from.

    Nevertheless, The value can increase in trade as well.

    by Hg on 6/7/2012 11:22 PM
  15. @Hg, Another way I think of it is based on semantics. A "pick" is only a pick until it's used. Once it's used the "pick" becomes a player. You're only trading a "pick" if it hasn't been used. If it has you're trading the value of a player.

    Maybe that will help clear up some of our confusion.

    by sarahhecht on 6/8/2012 11:19 AM
  16. Miss Sarah: that is more or less what I was saying to ClydeFrog in the beginning. as he said that Blazers wouldn't trade the 6th pick because it was too valuable. IMO, if we can trade the 6th for D Williams, OK Dragic then that becomes the value of the pick, since the pick is use it or lose it after the draft you have no 6th pick just the asset you acquired with it. You can use the player in future trades or as an asset, but not the pick itself. I think we are saying about the same thing but you just put your thoughts down better then I do. anyway U put it, I am looking forward to what we do with all four picks, cap space, and trades; whether the trades be our picks, some player assets or combination of both.
    Also reading up on all these draftees, I am becoming like a kid in a candy store. Wow. I have never got to involved in picks before so I am most definitely getting antsy.

    by Hg on 6/8/2012 3:47 PM
  17. if they can trade Babbit, roy and get steve nash from the suns and someone from LA Lakers. who i would keep is La Marcus and other players that have high points and trade nolan smith and get three other players then we should be good. we need a player who has cofidence in playing and that wants to win games.

    by Marcus Young on 6/13/2012 1:00 PM
  18. I agree with you Rice, getting Lillard and Marshall (top point guard prospects) would be a great decision because you don't know how both of them are going to turn out, if I were the G.M. I would get both and put Marshall at point and try Lillard at shooting guard since he can shoot the lights out. I believe this could get us a step forward to reaching our goals, the Championship.

    by BlazersAreUs on 6/27/2012 10:30 AM
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