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Ford: Blazers Could Trade 6 and 11 for 2, pick Bradley Beal

By caseyholdahl Posted in: 2012draft, draft2012

Yesterday we asked what you would do with the 6th and 11th pick. Keep both? Trade both? Trade one, keep the other? Everyone has an opinion, and there's great arguments to be made for all sides.

And today,'s Chad Ford throws out a scenario that, if you're in the "trade both picks" camp, might make your heart jump, especially if you're a fan of shooting guards from Florida:
Another option might be for the Bobcats to go ahead and trade the pick in an effort to get more assets. The No. 2 pick, whoever it is, isn't going to turn around the franchise next season. What the Bobcats need is depth.

Two teams to look at are Cleveland and Portland. Both would love to get up to the No. 2 pick. The Cavs would love to get their hands on Kidd-Gilchrist or Beal. The Blazers are also high on Beal.


The Blazers have the sixth and 11th picks. That's a steep price to pay to move up four spots in the draft, but if they're convinced they don't love a player at No. 6, it might be worth it to them.
A steep price indeed. The Trail Blazers might not like anyone at No. 6, but that doesn't mean another team won't. So would the team rather use both of their draft assets to move up to take someone they do like, or use one pick and trade for a veteran? The Trail Blazers front office guys would have to really, really like Beal to use both picks to acquire him.

And for what it's worth, John Hollinger said in a chat yesterday that there's no way the Bobcats, lead by Rich Cho, would do such a deal.


  1. Hey Casey: first thank you for keeping all the scenarios updated.
    I my self don't like the idea, because EWil although untested with Wesley can possible hold down the spot at the 2. I would rather at least keep the 6 and get either a PG or Center type player. Not knowing who for sure the first 5 will be yet, Portland would be foolish to do such a trade. Now trading 11 and a worthy player or cash would be of another thought.

    by Hg on 6/1/2012 8:12 AM
  2. Trading both picks for a higher pick is not worth it at all. I think a smart move would be to draft at #6, then try to trade #11 for a vet. Either that, or draft at both picks.

    by newellbrian on 6/1/2012 8:45 AM
  3. I think if it is possible to move up for that #2 pick you have to do it,and go for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He's adds even more length and talent to the blazers. The kid is also 18 years old and hasn't even scratched his potential.

    by Letsgozers on 6/1/2012 11:14 AM
  4. I wouldn't be mad at this trade, except for the fact that it causes a log jam at the 2 spot (Matthews, EWill, Beal, Batum sort of). Matthews is a great defender and a great competitor, but Matthews is NOT a starter for MOST teams in the NBA. The two spot is an upgreadeable one for us, and Beal could be the answer. Also it makes Matthews a more tradeable asset.

    by Jerae Bryant on 6/1/2012 11:15 AM
  5. Not only can you play Kidd-Gilchrist and Batum at the same time, but it means you don't have Luke Babbit as the only other SF on the roster. Thank god!

    by Letsgozers on 6/1/2012 11:23 AM
  6. pick 11 and matthews for al jefferson

    by jamsmashers on 6/1/2012 11:30 AM
  7. Portland: #6 & 11 Jamal Crawford, Babbit Bobcats: #2 , D J Augustine... Don't know if Crawford has option or not but him and Felton have to go... Don't care about MKG... Trade him to raptors or the wiz who need him bad... Get more picks... Don't over pay batum ... If he wants to much let him walk. If jazz wanna let go of Al Jefferson or Kanter go for it... Even though he is a punk Josh Smith might be available... #6 to the rockets for Lowery and K Mart!!! And use 11 for a center... LA can handle the scoring at the 4 we need a banger at center (which leaves out Al Jeff) we need a Deandre Jordan type player... Drummond would be perfect but the draft has 5 or 6 prospect that fit that mold... Just get it done.... Bring on Jerry Sloan

    by SWESR on 6/2/2012 9:53 AM
  8. Trade Players for players and picks, Keep all the picks and move up in the draft or sideways with the extra picks ie. Boston 21,21, Houston 14,16, N.O. 1,10, Washington 3,32,46, Cleveland 4,24,33,34, G.S. 7,30,35,52

    by mbmurr1 on 6/4/2012 12:06 AM
  9. Why would a team draft Beal over MKG...?

    by Choong Huh on 6/4/2012 4:10 PM
  10. Having the 2nd pick is very tempting... But whoever we choose at 2, be it Kidd-Gilchrist, Beal, or Robinson, will create jam up a position with too much talent. Trading up our 6th pick to Sacramento's 5th pick to get Drummond, and drafting the best backcourt player available with the 11th pick sounds almost like a no-brainer to me. At least one of Waiters, Lamb, Lilard or Marshall should be available at 11.

    BTW, if Jared Sullinger falls to 11th, which he definitely can, get him. Don't ask, just get him. The most underrated prospect I have ever seen. He was a sure top 3 last year, but now he even drops to 13th in some mock drafts. This man is a warrior who can play physical against any forwards in the league, but also has the range. Pretty much Kevin Love with more weight and attitude.

    by Choong Huh on 6/4/2012 4:17 PM
  11. I am sorry but Chad Ford is a moron, if Batum is our guy, which the team has given every indication that he is then eventually the team will want to switch him to his more natural SG position. That would leave Portland with Batum, Matthews, E. Williams and Smith all playing SG even before Beal gets into town. If Portland made that trade they would have to draft MKG, which would allow them move Batum to SG otherwise you got a serious log jam. As far as Charlotte is concerned they would be silly to turn down that trade. Pretty much their entire roster is terrible and the guy Michael Jordan covets is likely to be available at the #6 spot. At #6 Jordan and Cho could either select Drummond or they could take Harrison Barnes. The #11 pick at that time would just be gravy.

    by cmeese47 on 6/5/2012 9:39 AM
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