May 25

Jerry Sloan Doesn't Deal In Hypotheticals

By caseyholdahl

Regardless of your opinion of Jerry Sloan as a coach, you have to love the way he deals with questions about his future. While some enjoy speculating and/or outright fabricating when it comes to various coaching vacancies, including Portland's, Sloan treats rumors of his next move with the same contempt he showed for lazy defense, ill-advised shot attempts and poor officiating during 23 seasons as Utah's head coach.

From's Sam Amick: What about the Orlando situation? It was reported that you had interest there. Have you spoken to the Magic yet?

Sloan: No, that's one thing about this. A lot of this is all speculation, and I don't like to deal with it that way. People call and say, "Well, your name might be mentioned." Well, it might be, but I have nothing to do with that. I don't have someone putting my name out there, and I'm not putting it out there. I guess they throw enough mud on the wall, but some of it fell off. Since we're making the rounds, though, Portland is another team looking for a coach. Does that position interest you?

Sloan: I have no idea. If someone calls me or wants to talk to me, I guess that's the best way to do it. I don't really like to speculate on what's going to happen. It's just a waste of my time, really.
It sure is. And anyone who grew up on or near a farm knows you don't waste a man's time, especially during the summer.

It's unknown whether or not the Trail Blazers have or will consider Sloan, but if they do, you won't have to hear about it from an unnamed source. Sloan will just come out and tell you, at least if you ask him.


  1. That is the way if should be Casey; we may or may not call him, if you believe we are waiting on a GM to hire our coach as I do, then the new GM may call him.

    by Hg on 5/25/2012 9:21 AM
  2. @ Hg (& every1 ;), the hiring the GM reason that u mention should b the ONLY reason that we haven't already called Sloan (I'm afraid if we wait too long, for whatever reason, Sloan will already have signed w/ somebody else!). How could ANY1 NOT like Sloan? The guy IS awesome! Don't get me wrong, Kaleb is a good coach & he gets max effort/respect out of our guys but is Kaleb a better fit/coach (now, maybe ever?) v. Sloan? No. I'm a HUGE fan of Koach but every1, imagine what kind of coach Koach could become under/along side Sloan? Holy Man! Not only is Sloan THE perfect coach for our Blazers BUT he IS the PERFECT mentor for Koach too!

    by Simpson on 5/26/2012 9:36 AM
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