May 16

Chad Ford Sums Up The GM Search

By caseyholdahl

During a live chat today, Insider Chad Ford takes a question, as we often do here at Trail Blazers HQ, about the general manager search, and he makes a very salient point that seems to get lost in the shuffle when people concern themselves with how long the process is taking.
Paul (Portland)
What's up with the Blazers search. It's going on forever, again!

Chad Ford  (1:19 PM)
Given that they've had 3 different GMs the last three years, I think you can understand why they are treading carefully to try to make sure they find the right person. They've interviewed Jeff Bower and David Morway. Sounds like they want to talk to at least one more candidate. I think they feel like they have enough organization in place to be patient.
Thank you Mr. Ford.

It takes time to find the right guy. I think the team learned something about the process the last time around, and they're trying to apply those lessons to this GM search. It there's not a competent team in place, maybe the team rushes to make a decision. But when you've got experienced executives manning the ship, you have the luxury of going through the paces. After all, it's expensive, not to mention emotionally taxing, to make a mistake. We learned that the last time.


  1. Hey Mr. Casey: I am in the opinion that they are also waiting for the play-offs to get over so they can interview a candidate that might be still tied up in the Play-offs. But I have confidence that we will get one in good time.

    by Hg on 5/16/2012 1:41 PM
  2. ^That is highly likely. Morway has said that the playoff is his priority at the moment, and it should be. No responsible GM should publicly accept a new job while your current organization is doing well in the postseason. I hope people will get more patient with this. (and I do hope that Indiana loses quickly, so that Morway can potentially be our GM and start planning for the draft day, free agency and all other hirings for the organization)

    by Choong Huh on 5/16/2012 3:04 PM
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