Mar 30

Video: J.J. Hickson Dunk Day In L.A.

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A game at the Staples Center, on the second night of a back-to-back, with LaMarcus Aldridge sidelined with a sore elbow is always going to be a tough one to get. And it was.

The Trail Blazers, behind the inspired play of J.J. Hickson, battled in a back-and-forth contest against the Clippers in L.A. before being bested 98-97 on a late Chris Paul layin.

While Portland was unable to secure a win, they did get an extended glimpse into the abilities of a properly motivated Hickson. He finished the night with 29 points, most of those coming in the paint, and 13 rebounds in his first start as a Trail Blazer.

When you shoot 68 percent from the field, you know you're getting good shots. And in J.J.'s case, those shots came by the way of rim-assaulting dunks, including a finish over DeAndre Jordan, on national television no less, that will not be soon forgotten. Just punishment.

Enjoy that dunk ...

And another one ...

And another one ...


  1. Love it. Nice to see a Blazer getting aggressive and going for it. Especially against those show off Clippers! Woot woot JJ! Way to make an impact! :)

    by Niki C on 3/31/2012 2:36 AM
  2. Wish Lamarcus would be this aggressive off the pick and roll.

    by Richard Ackerman on 3/31/2012 9:18 AM
  3. Lamarcus is my fav. but I agree w/ u Richard Ackerman ;) Hickson filled in awesome! Excellent job Mr. Hickson (it's "Mr." bc he played like a man! ;)! :) I believe he can play like this along side Lamarcus. Hickson's energy is 1 of the things this team really needs every night; when he was w/ the Cavs, he would sometimes bring it like this; if he can keep this up (which I think he can ;), we need 2 sign him to a multi-yr. deal (Flynn oooooof course 2 ;). I know we lost last night but I still like what ALL our guys did out there ON THE ROAD (if this was @ home I would STILL be proud of our guys ;)!

    by Simpson on 3/31/2012 10:20 AM
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