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Quotes Before Coming Home

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The Trail Blazers finished a seven-game road trip Sunday night with a 111-95 loss to the Thunder in Oklahoma City. And while a win would have been the preferred outcome, there seemed to be some solace taken in knowing they played better at the end of the trip than they did at the finish.

The following quotes from Raymond Felton, Joel Przybilla and LaMarcus Aldridge in the post-game locker room all contain a twinge of optimism we've not seen out of this team even after victories (save the most recent against the Bulls).

Raymond Felton regarding the play of Nolan Smith

"Nolan has been great, man. Nolan's been waiting for this opportunity and now he's getting the opportunity. I'm not surprised. We all not surprised. We knew he could do that. By him out there playing, getting that comfort, getting that confidence, he's only going to get better. I'm proud of him."

Joel Przybilla on what the team needs to do going forward

"We've just got to continue to compete the way we have been the past couple games. As long as we do that, we're going to win ball games. This is a tough place to play against one of the best teams in the league. They've been struggling and they came out tonight and played hard."

LaMarcus Aldridge on this performance

"… I didn't play well so I put this loss on me, but I think guys are playing hard. I think that's the biggest thing right now."

"… I didn't feel great coming into the game and I thought I would shake it off, but I didn't. I was in this little funk, didn't make shots. Had a lot of great looks that I didn't make. Then every time I did try to get going, I try to go off the dribble going toward the basket they would come with another guy and I'd be doubled. It was me and them, but I think it was more me, so I put this game on me."

"If we get a few more calls our way our that we should have got, if I don't play like trash tonight, then this is a whole different game. We've beat this team twice. One of them didn't go in the books, but we beat them twice. We definitely have the talent."


  1. Hey Casey: Thanks for the blog, I love hearing the players speak as I don't get to listen to any post game shows since I have to leave for work immediately after a game.

    There sure was not any shame in the way the Blazers played against the Thunder; we did what we could being short handed and with a new coach and at the end of the road trip and of course somewhat of a emotional letdown after whooping Chicago, I would have rather lose to Chicago and win at OKC, but ending up with two wins the way we have been playing is about what I expected; it just wasn't the two games I expected to win.

    Your old buddy at BE said that although LaMarcus may like it better from out side without a post up player to score inside he is putting a lot of pressure on himself trying to create of the dribble. Maybe this summer that will be what he works on. passing off the dribble and creating better off the dribble, but right now that isn't his game. Since we are in the building mode and getting ready for next year, now is the time to start trying that dribble drive. Like what will it hurt.

    Dave also said that the guards took lots of the game away from LaMarcus and Batum by being scoring guards instead of setting up the offense guards. 22 shots to get 22 points isn't good for Jamal, although it will make him look great; taking that many shots in the fourth didn't leave to many shots to go around, but the way I seen it Batum and LaMarcus wasn't doing great in the offense anyway.

    To play this new style offense we do need all five players scoring. Joel playing outside and trying to dribble drive is much worst then LMA doing it. That is just not his game and I don't think at his age he will develop that. But, I think given time in practice he can do great off the pick and roll as he did with Van Exel; which excites me because I love Joel's fight and his game.

    A question Casey, we at BE comment section decided to define tanking it as developing the young talent opposed to playing the vets in order to win game; or putting development a priority to winning. The question being are we in the tank mode or is it primarily because we only have ten players suited down now? Either way, I like Nolan, the Rhino and Babbitt's development in the game. If Thabeet can develop a offensive threat and help out on rebounding that would be a great plus, but I have read that he is a bust. Kaleb may get a fire burning in him though.

    Thanks again for giving us quotes from the players, I am optimistic also. And did anybody really expect us to win either of the last two games accept me, but I thought it would be OKC that we would beat because of the revenge factor.

    by Hg on 3/19/2012 4:55 AM
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