Feb 20

Early Hole Too Deep for Blazers

By mikebarrett
The Lakers have only lost twice at home this season.  They fell earlier this season to the Blazers in Portland, and they lost their last game, which was on Saturday night in Phoenix.  Those three facts, along with many others, made the Lakers a safe bet in this contest.  But, the way it happened wasn't at all predictable.

If I had told you before the game that the Trail Blazers would win the second, third, and fourth quarters by a combined 11 points, I'm sure you would have taken it.  And, you would have felt pretty good about Portland's chances.  So, consider the wacky fact that they won those three quarters 85-74, and still lost the game by double digits.  Let that sink in.  Yes, it's crazy.

That's the result of getting outscored 29 to 7 in the first quarter.  I've seen a lot of NBA games, and I can't ever remember a team building a 30-point lead early in the second quarter of a game.  That just doesn't happen.  Well, it happens, obviously, but doesn't happen very often.  The Lakers built that 30-point lead thanks to a 21-0 run, that had people in Portland chucking remote controls at their TVs (it's okay because Rice and I weren't doing the game).

Portland, for whatever reason, simply didn't seem ready to play.  Or, maybe they were ready to play but weren't ready to respond to getting hit in the mouth.  I'm not sure how that happens, when you're playing your rival, in their building, knowing they'll be out for revenge, but it happened on this night.  The Blazers came out and shot 3 for 17 in the opening quarter, and were outrebounded 21-5.  Obviously, one of the main reasons the rebound total was that lopsided was because they missed 14 shots, but that's just ugly and too tough to overcome.

Then, almost equally as shocking, the Blazers got themselves back into the game due to some red-hot three-point shooting.  This is not normally a good three-point shooting team, as you know.  They cut the Laker deficit to just 10 on a couple of occasions, and had several chances to cut the lead to single digits.  The crowd even started getting nervous.

Amazingly, the Blazers nearly put together their highest-scoring, and lowest-scoring quarters in the same game.  The seven points in the first, was obviously the low.  The 36 points in the third, was one point away from their high quarter of the season. 
In the end, the Lakers had enough to finally close the deal and won the game 103-92- a final score that wouldn't have been that shocking if you had missed the game and just caught the score on your mobile phone later in the evening.  After all, this has always been a series dominated by the home team. 

So, after being so deflated early in the game, you probably ended the night filled with equal parts frustration and perhaps hope, that they were able to outscore this team by 11 the rest of the way. If they even just get outscored by 10 in the opening quarter, they win this game.  I know it's not that easy, but you get the point. 

This felt like one of those times when one of my kids makes me so irate, and then immediately follows it up with something so incredibly cute and sweet that it totally disarms me and I stand in silence wondering what just happened.  I usually end up saying something like, "how can you be so bad one moment, and then be so good the next?"

As a fan though, I have to admit, the sting of that first quarter is a tough memory to erase, and an even tougher thing to wrap my head around.

This Blazer team has had a tendecy to follow, and not always lead.  In other words, things snowball so completely, and so fast, in both directions.  What you get are wild swings, and inconsistency.

We've pointed out on broadcasts that you can usually get a good indication of how a night is going to go at the free-throw line depending on what the first trip there is like.  If the first couple of guys at the line struggle, it sets a bad tone.  Maybe that's a reach, but it certainly seems like that's the personality of this team.  They just haven't had someone to step up to bust the rest of them out of cold spells.  When one goes down, they all go down.  In this first quarter, missed shot followed missed shot, and once that confidence bubble is popped, look out.

I'm not even sure what the fix is in a situation like this, but it certainly seems mental.  It's all about confidence.  It's clear this team's confidence is shaky, and that's understandable.  They just don't seem to bounce back strongly from a flat, or challenging moment. 

Look, this is the NBA, and I get that.  You're going to go through droughts during games.  Every team battles that.  But, someone has got to be able to scream "enough!" and put the team on his back.  It just hasn't happened enough.  And, again, this was troubling because the cold spell happened right out of the gate in a big game.  They need a dose of toughness, and someone who isn't afraid to step on feelings (who isn't a coach), and perhaps someone to bring some nasty to a game.  LaMarcus Aldridge said exactly this same thing in early January after a loss in Atlanta.  His words were "we like each other too much, that we don't always hold each other accountable."   

Yes, I've fought the this-team-is-too-nice label on occasions this season, but you people are starting to win me over.  You know the one good part of that?  It's fixable.  So is this season.

Tuesday night is the final game before the All-Star break, and it should be looked at as an opportunity.  What is this team made of?  We could soon get the answer.  It certainly won't be any easier, as the NBA's hottest team will be on display at the Rose Garden.  The San Antonio Spurs, who have won 11-straight games, will be the opponent.

Time to get mad, and get even.


  1. play physical and aggressive. what more can you say? these guys have been playing basketball their whole lives so the Xs and Os aren't the problem. the whole team looked SOFT and like they were just going through the motions. they made the lakers look better than they are. lamarcus and wallace are too guys that MUST play more physically.

    i agree mike, this is a confidence issue. wow, we looked horrible out there!

    by thedanman on 2/20/2012 11:38 PM
  2. Reading the first part of your post, I started thinking, "Here he goes again." Meaning, trying to put a positive spin on things, ignoring the problem (s), etc. But you wrapped everything up quite nicely and correctly. I think the reasons for frustration stem from the fact that there is more than one or two problems with this team, yet, we all realize things could be much worse, and at the same time, better. This all balances out with what we see on the court, and that is just it; an inconsistent, average team. Bill Parcels stated it perfectly when he said, "You are what your record says you are." I know many in the organization, as well as around the league feel differently in regards to this Blazer team, but when certain factors are considered, it really becomes quite clear:

    (1) Nate's stubbornness to run, ALL the time, as evidenced by his comments in the paper this week, is absolutely crippling this team. Reggie Miller pointed it out a couple of times in the TNT broadcast tonight.

    (2) The guard play. We have a backup point guard starting, and two backup shooting guards.

    (3) The lack of inside scoring to take the pressure off of LMA. Charles, once again, pointed this out at halftime, as he does every time the Blazers play on TNT.

    (4) Kenny also pointed out something that was not so obvious to me, but I noticed in the second half....we tend to "over double team." Meaning, we double team more than one person, basically, whoever had the ball in the post. It makes sense as to why so many Lakers were open on the 3 point line in the first half.

    (5) And lastly, as you alluded to MB, toughness. This cannot be overstated. This was always a hallmark of Blazers teams when I was younger. When I lived in Seattle in the 90s, everyone up there knew that you were in for a dogfight and a physical battle everytime the Sonics would play Portland. Even after Portland's front office got rid of some of those early 90s Blazers that made it to the Finals in '90 and '92, they still had buisers inside that punished Payton every time he drove into the lane. Then a little after that, you had guys like Rasheed, Sabonis, and the best example of toughness and work ethic, the "Rosta Monsta."

    We need to get that attitude back in Portland. It was our trademark. Not sure why or where or when it left in terms of the organizational philosophy, but it is not here now. Good night all.

    RIP City till I die!

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/20/2012 11:50 PM
  3. MB,

    I liked this. Great analogy comparing the Trailblazers to your kids. I can only imagine how Nate McMillan feels.

    The first half was atrocious. I am going to credit Portland's horrible play and not say the Lakers played an amazing game. Most people, and especially the Blazers know how deadly Steve Blake can be. This is one reason why I didn't agree with the haters when everyone was putting Blake down before we traded him the second time..he can shoot the ball, works hard and makes good decisions. Not always the best defensively, but a good player.

    Now, with all the clouds and rain in Portland (which sometimes does turn to sunshine, rainbows and a silver lining) I attempt my best not be negative. However I need to get this off my chest. There is a pattern I am seeing in the Blazers. A very bad one. I think there is hope because I think we make things harder on ourselves than need be. Here goes:

    A: Lazy passing. It has been a trend, I have seen it off and on for several weeks. Not calling anyone out, I have seen several players do it. Some passes are wild. Some are just lazy bounce passes. I keep putting off addressing it because it seems like second nature to an NBA player, but it's a reoccuring theme. Guys are going on the break and passing to a man in traffic rather than hitting the guy with the open angle -or- they are taking a difficult layup and missing and not drawing a foul.

    B: Ball handling. Guys are putting the ball on the floor, getting picked off, losing their dribble. We get a steal and before we can convert, we are almost fumbling it. I also see a lot of good passes not beeing caught that would be conversions. If we are going to compete for anything, even a playoff spot, any team in this league is capable of executing these things. If we continue to fail, we won't challenge.

    C: Defense/rebounding: I am not a defensive guru. I don't know if we are tired, run down or trying to conserve something but it is eveident that we are just not into the game as much as we need to be at time. I will give Batum credit for blocking shots. Overall, we are not staying in our man's face, staying with them on the play or other teams just have us figured out plain and simple. Offense does come from our defense. Our spirit in some games looks broken. Let's fix this please, we have athletes that can get it done.

    D: Digging holes: Clearly we all feel the officiating hasn't been great this year. I have seen a lot of missed calls in a lot of games this year.(Maybe the officials are out of shape too ha ha lol). However, refs appear to be giving "benefit of the doubt" calls to the "aggressor" of basketball games. When a team holds a lead, coast to coast, gets to the line more often and whatnot, they also appear to get close calls. We have played from behind in so many games this year. Some we have won, the majority we have not. I think when this team gets down by about 10 points, the intensity needs to pick up on the defensive end. If the starters are tired and worn out from a back-to-back, that's when Craig Smith comes in for defense and rebounding, that's when Chris Johnson comes in or say even Elliot Williams, for hustle plays or even the 6'7 Luke Babbit. It's unorthadox for their playing style, be we need that extra step, that hustle and I am not sure we can have that from our first group every night.

    E: My final concern is chemistry. Everyone talked about it and how good it was early on. It appeared wonderful. Not it appears the opposite. Passes are flying out of bounds because we thought someone would be there and they weren't. Guys don't know when to shoot. We are making high risk passes after faking. It's just odd to me that we could look wso good and then deflate. We don't even look like we are enjoying ourselves out there and that's not good either. ANother thing, shots are flying up and no one is there to get the rebound. There's literally 5 shirts over there for the opposite team and no one is even contesting the rebound. That makes sense if you are confident of getting a stop on the other end, but we are not getting stops. It is confusing to me.

    I am not even going to mention the awful shooting. I have seen Ray Felton go on tears. I have seen Wesley look smoother than silk. Crawford does not look like he is having fun and that bums me out because he is such a great personality. Is it confidence? Is it trust? Is it ego? Is it under/over conditioning? Is it the rain? Is it the press? Is it the scrutiny of the media? Is it you? Is it me?

    My prayers out to Greg Oden. We have all had a tough time with the situation but no one I am sure, has had as tough a time as him. The past is the past, and he is a good guy. I hope he can play again in the league AND I do not hold him accountable for what has happened.

    Also a shout out to Coach McMillan, I hope he can get him team on track again. People are sometimes so critical and I think the reality is he is a good coach. He had his staff shook up (Dean and Monty were good assistants) and now he is attempting to run (which I am sure if he went back to half court we would be playing better.) Everyone needs a scapegoat. If I were a season ticket holder, I could justify being upset at certain things. We need some solidity here on this team, some consistency, some fire, some leadership to go with LaMarcus. Batum is creeping into that but there are other players that can make it happen to. LaMarcus should only have to play 30-38 mins a night and we should still be able to win games. Other guys got to help him out. He has to know they are there so he doesn't get trapped and force things. We got to stop standing around all on one side of the floor and see each other and the defense. Given the circumstances, I am not certain that any other coach COULD do a better job given the group we have or the way we are playing. Not just Nate, but that whole bench needs to get up and get involved and take responsibility. I can live with a bad night vs Washington. I cannot live with allowing ourselves to get down by 20 in the first quarter to anyone, not even Kobe and Shaq's championship Lakers or the championship from 2 years ago for that matter.

    This feels like a rant so I am going to call it for a night. I hope I can sleep now that I have some things off my chest. I believe that we are better than most of what we have shown this year. I believe we can get to the second round if healthy. I believe we can win a lot more games if we beleive in ourselves and play together the right way. I wonder, however, if a lockout season does show us fans how much we take for granted in how hard these guys work to stay in shape. It sure seems that.

    Being a fan has it's ups and down just like life. Now let's see some BLAZER BASKETBALL (consistent and sustained please). Everyone have a good night!

    by Bull Frog on 2/21/2012 1:09 AM
  4. It looked nice when Felton hit a 3 with his first shot. Then about 3 minutes of no one scoring. Then the fecal matter hit the fan.

    One thing became apparent early, we've got no answer for Bynum. The only center we've got who is strong enough to handle Bynum is The Rhino and he gives up too many inches in height. Between their rebounding and our inability to hit open shots -- well, that's how we got behind by double digits before all the perennially late-ariving LA fans got seated.

    Nice comeback, but there was no way, short of a complete collapse by the Lakers, that we were going to have any chance to win.

    by dgpdx on 2/21/2012 1:15 AM
  5. Felton sat for most of the 2nd half including the entire 4th Q. According to Jason Quick, Nate said it was because he wanted to look at other combinations. Possibly Nate's not expecting to have Felton around much longer with the trade deadline looming?

    by dgpdx on 2/21/2012 1:18 AM
  6. in all honesty, if Nate is gonna be so stubborn about running, there is no need to have Felton around. I personally like him as a player, but since we have gone back to playing like we did with 'Dre, I am not sure why we got Felton in the 1st place...

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 1:30 AM
  7. Just because the players aren't running doesn't mean that is how Nate wants it. (Often in Jay's sideline reports after timeouts, Nate has urged them to run and up the tempo and be better defensively - yet the players don't do it!)
    With the kind of mistakes (turnovers) they make it doesn't seem like they talk enough on the court to one another.
    I, too, wish whoever is on the bench would do more cheering for their teammates (miss that part of Patty Mills' contribution).

    by dockaren on 2/21/2012 4:16 AM
  8. Wow Mister Mike:
    I didn't know if I expected a win as the Blazers are Notorious on the road, OTOH how good we play against teams we have respect for. Maybe we no longer respect the Lakers, and were looking to tonight’s game against SAS. Which after the way we lost I hope so. It is very confusing to me to say the least.
    I had to giggle with your comparison statement of your children. I had the same problem with mine, and now my youngest grandchild. With that being said, you hit the Blazers play right on the head. That is very head scratching.
    There were two things very noticeable to me, Kobe was just having a time of his life, showcasing and being an ostentatious boor. But hey, maybe that is what it takes, because for sure he was in his groove. Then there was the Play of Steve Blake. Was he on a revenge campaign, was he in one of his hot modes, was he all rested up from his recent injury and had spring in his legs, or what? Regardless of the reason, he torched us badly. In honestly since we were losing anyway, I couldn't help being tickled, remembering DownTownVinnie and my enjoyable debates on the value of Steve Blake.
    I feel that although we out scored them in the last three quarters, the Lakers, was coasting and was confident in the fact that they could push just a little and keep the game well in hand; for instance, when we got the game to down ten the first time, only to re-insert Kobe to shoot the lead up to seventeen again.
    I loved Elliot Williams play late in the game. Nolan didn't look bad, but didn't shine. Someone needs to take Matthews aside and teach him how to finish a fast break solo, or a fast break period; that may include Felton also. My Batum never let me down with his Batman flying through the air blocks, but I missed his taunting of Pau by dunking on him.
    An eleven point loss sounds comforting, but we all know it was really a blow out, but that happens in the NBA.

    by Hg on 2/21/2012 5:52 AM
  9. Do the Blazers get paid for watching the first quarter?

    by Ancientone on 2/21/2012 7:41 AM
  10. @Ancientone: To bad they get paid for what the job is worth per quarter and not what they are worth. They would owe a lot of money to Blazer Fans.

    by Hg on 2/21/2012 10:27 AM
  11. after reading all of the comments; i can point out the first thing which caused the 1st quarter problems: outside jump shots. yes, there were other factors, but just why did we, for the great most part, didn't even look to go inside. we all should know by now that we are not a jump-shooting team. we went from a team who should be playing inside-outside, to a team who played outside-outside. this has happened way too much this season.

    one thing which surprised me is that we actually shot as well as we did from beyond the arc. several misses in the 4th, skew the overall average, but we were hitting some threes. Nicolas and Wesley were great from out there in the middle two quarters.

    it's kind of gone unnoticed from what i've seen around the blogs and reports, but despite our rebounding difficulties, Marcus pulled down 13 boards.

    in the last two minutes, we got some great garbage-time production from our end-of-bench guys. in that 2:09 span, four different guys combined for 11 points. where were these guys the whole night?! it also marks the second time in a row where Elliot has scored 5 points in just two minutes on the court. i can't wait to see what he does when he gets some consistently meaningful minutes.

    i'm not going to really dwell on this one for a couple of reasons; first, i tend not to dwell to begin with, and second, if i had to predict the winner, i likely might have said lakers at home. wanted a different result; just didn't get it.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 2/21/2012 10:41 AM
  12. I was sooo embarrassed for the team in that fateful 1st quarter! But then, the 3s started to fall and we seemed to get our rythum--too late, of course. To be honest, the Fakers didn't play all THAT well, except for our Blakey! If we'd had an OK 1st quarter, we would've won by a few! Oh, well, let's not play on TNT anymore! Let's get SA tonight! Their 11-game winning streak needs to end today! Go Blazers! Too sad about Greg!!!!! Have a good life without the BB you love!

    by fanatickathy on 2/21/2012 11:37 AM
  13. We don't have to be known/labeled a "running team," I think it's best NOT to be "labeled" any kind of a team; this way, we ALWAYS keep teams guessing how to attack us/what r we going to do. Last night, we needed 2 run & attack the LaL'S bigs/rim. Felton is our guy when we run but against teams/match-ups that we don't, we switch it up. Don't trade Felton, support him; he'll come around. Our guys r gonna break SA's streak 2night; LA's got Tim DUNKed-on's #! Go Blazers!

    by Simpson on 2/21/2012 1:01 PM
  14. I am not sure whether other teams are "guessing" or not when it comes to the way we play. But however you do play needs to fit the personnel you have on your roster, regardless of what the other teams are doing. George Karl, for instance, does not structure his game plan around who is playing against, but what he has to work with. Payton, (back in the day) Lawson (now), for example. His teams are gonna run. When you have long and athletic players on the wings, as we do, and a PG who is best in the open court, as we do, common sense would say to run. o

    Of course, this also dictates that we get steals and defensive rebounds to INITIATE the break. Something we need address personnel wise, in the back court. Again, McMillan knows this. He played in that kind of system almost his whole career, and was the co-captain of it. If anything he should be petioning the front office for players that fit that system, or, getting more inside help, if he wants to play the half court game.

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 1:35 PM
  15. @ Kassandra: Jump shots are easier than working for an inside shot. It goes along with the lack of defense. It was like they thought they were still in the shoot around. Getting inside for a shot , blocking out for a rebound, and defense are all hard work and at times this team seems to be adverse to hard work.

    by Ancientone on 2/21/2012 1:56 PM
  16. Sure Jaredthebel2001, I agree w/ u in all that u say (from what I said, though some of what u said would b a given but I guess it wasn't clear, no worries ;); that's 1 of the current problems, THEY r not guessing about us, THEY r imposing THEIR will on us :( We take the backseat most of the time & let THEM dictate tempo & such & then we have 2 give everything we have 2 make it close (& lose or get tired out in a last minute win) @ the end of the game or get blown out. We need some bigs that can score a little & play both paces (additions to LA that is & don't get me wrong, we keep Smith & Kurt ;) ps I love what Smith & Kurt do for us but unfortunately, Kurt won't b w/ us 4 long a time :(

    by Simpson on 2/21/2012 2:13 PM
  17. Ancientone, what u say is true & I'm sure Kass knows this ;) Sure it takes energy but doing it from the jump is much better than scrabbling later 2 fight for just a chance @ a win or losing by less; u don't have 2 do this ALL game long, u play it by ear & do it only 4 as long as u have 2. U live by the jumper/3, u die by it/them 2; every1 knows 2 b a complete/championship team, u can't b a jump shoting 1 (u definitely need 2 b good @ it so that u can spread the floor AND ease up on ur body sometimes 2 ;) only or even mostly.

    by Simpson on 2/21/2012 2:31 PM
  18. Simply put, I have never seen a team with average to below average jump shooters take so many jump shots. Especially 3's. I mean, it is one thing for GS, Orlando, even Duke at the college level to shoot as many 3s as they do, as statistically it makes sense for them to do so. Even still these teams struggle at times, especially GS. The only obvious answer for this is that when you can't work the ball inside, and keep it inside, and score it inside, you are left throwing up brick after brick at the shot clock.

    Mabe try and work more plays for Wallace inside, seeing as he has proven he can score inside when he takes the ball to the basket or receives a pass on the low block. Curious as to why he takes so many shots from outside.

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 3:23 PM
  19. Jaredthebel2001, I agree w/ everything u said in ur last post. I think the culprit is this crazy season + sort of Ancientone's point about less physical exertion w/ these shots (aka trying to pace/save themselves in this marathon season); I'm thinkin' after the All-Star break, we'll c a lot less of THIS kind of play (or @ least it's my hope, otherwise, we won't even make the playoffs).

    by Simpson on 2/21/2012 3:47 PM
  20. I wish I could attribute it all to the unconventional season, and certainly that has to be factored into the equation, but this has been a problem for the last two seasons, particularly in the playoffs last year against Dallas.

    On a side note, and to accent my prior post, I believe we are somewhere in the vicinity of 21-1 when Wallace scores 20 or more points.....

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 3:52 PM
  21. @Kass, et al: As I saw it, the problem wasn't with taking so many jumpers, it was missing nearly all of them. LA knocks down those shots most of the time. Ditto for Kurt Thomas. We had open looks and didn't make them, simple as that.

    As for going inside more -- good idea but the Lakers have excellent inside defenders. I don't think we can beat them inside, we must hit our makable mid-range shots.

    by dgpdx on 2/21/2012 4:41 PM
  22. LA knocks down those shots most of the time? worst 3 point shooting team in the league does not exactly constitute this statement. they were WIDE open...Blake was uncontested on the first 4 he hit... but yes, u cant go inside when you do not have more than 1 who can score inside, which is the point I have been making, and one that this sudden nostalgic "Joel Pryzbilla" is not going to solve.

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 4:49 PM
  23. @ Kass...excellent point about Elliot...wish he would get more playing time...the guy really passes the eye test the little bit we get to see him

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 4:55 PM
  24. So afraid to go to the game tonight... I don't know who is going to show up! Out of frustration, I left the Wizards game early... the 1st and only time in my life I've left any basketball game early. Last night, I had to leave the room near the end of the 1st qtr. I'd love to know what the viewing audience numbers were after mid 1st quarter. Bet only Lakers fans and a few Blazer die-hards were left watching. Hopefully, TNT will learn to never carry Blazers v Lakers in LA! Maybe,then, we can win.

    by DeVinMzM on 2/21/2012 4:59 PM
  25. I noticed Buck Williams behind the Blazer bench last night. I don't think the inside domination that occurred last night would have happened in his day.

    by Jaredtherebel2001 on 2/21/2012 5:15 PM
  26. Simple- the Lakers came to play. They were into the game and simply got bored. Box score shows it. I disagree with most. The first 1/4, the Lakers played some solid defense. We tried several times early to get the inside. The Lakers turned away everything we threw at them. We cracked very early and started jump shooting. The Lakers are playing the best defense I've seen from them in a while. New coach preaches D. They are a dangerous playoff team. However, I don't think Bynum will stay healthy. That will change everything with them.
    I've said it before. Portland's toughest matchup is a team with a big physical center.
    It appears Nate is going back to half court play. He is starting Jamal at the point. I think it is a good idea. That straightens out rotation because Jamal finishes the game anyway. Maybe Nate is going back to more of red team and white team. Two units. The second team may be the running team. Similar to Patty and Rudy.
    Rebounding is still an issue. Camby is great but someone else has to get consistently tough.
    I believe in this team. I think they can get on a roll. I prefer that to be in the second half of the season. Get it done boys.

    by Divotking on 2/21/2012 5:46 PM
  27. Everytime we're about to play this team, i always feel as if we are for sure going to beat this team and shouldn't have too much trouble if it's a 50/50 chance of losing. But it's true. I think we just plainly struggle in the Staples Center. I don't know what it is. It's got to be those celebrities lol. But we have 1 more in staples and mark my words "we will win that game." I don't care, it's going to happen. These teams only meet 3 times this year and it's important to this rivalry that we're up 2-1. That will shut up all the "laker" (kobe) fans around here. And the fortunate thing is that will be nationally televised if i am correct? But anyhow, those laker fans here really do need to shut up. BTW great bounce back last night, that is a great way to go into the break. I'm loving the line-up change. And I don't know for how long it will hold but i hope crawford is our answer at point guard. I know, i hear a lot of "crawford is too and1 with the ball" and will get carried away at times. Hell, D.Rose is that way most of the time. My perspective is Crawford will make up for it and i feel like if Crawford is starting, the team prolly might feel more comfortable especially from what we saw early in the 1st quarter. I don't know for how long, i just hope it's enough until we head into april. hopefully.

    by Ballinrotation365 on 2/22/2012 12:14 AM
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