Feb 16

LaMarcus Aldridge Takes Steps To Return

By caseyholdahl Posted in: Blazers, Clippers, Hawks, LaMarcusAldridge, Wizards

Seeing LaMarcus Aldridge limp off the court Tuesday night might be the only event that took place in the Rose Garden this week that was more painful to watch than Portland's 11-point fourth quarter in Thursday night's loss to the Clippers. As tough as it was to watch, it was far tougher to live through.

"I thought I broke something because that's how painful it was," said Aldridge. "My ankle rolled over so hard, I just thought something was broke. I was in so much pain I was shaking."

Luckily for all parties involved, Aldridge's injury isn't as serious as it looked or felt. And with the Trail Blazers having lost four out of their last five, with all the losses coming at home, Aldridge will take the first tentative steps to returning to the lineup during practice on Friday.

"If I go (Friday) and I feel great then I'm definitely going to play (Saturday)," said Aldridge. "I wanted to play (Thursday) but I don't want to re-injure it, then I'm out longer. That's my whole thing is coming back too quick then re-injuring it then being out longer."

The team is likely to play it cautious with Aldridge's return. The knee-jerk reaction to four-straight home losses would be to get the recently named Western Conference All-Star back on the floor as soon as he could stand upright, but Portland's long-term prospects rest almost solely on Aldridge's shoulders, so they'll make sure there's little danger of aggravating the injury before clearing him to play against the Hawks Saturday night.

But if he's not able to go, he, along with every fan in Rip City, will have to endure at least one more hardship: watching the Trail Blazer without the services of their best player.

"I was really happy we got that win in Oakland," said Aldridge. "I thought we were going to pull it out tonight. It's definitely tough watching these games right now."


  1. Hey Casey:
    I don't know if LaMarcus knows it or not but a bad sprain is worst then a simple fracture. If he is not careful as he said he could re injure it and tear ligaments while they are weak. Plus a sprain takes longer to heal completely and is lots more painful then a break; the ligaments are weak and can easily turn it and can continue to be more painful then a break. Ask Wesley about that.

    by Hg on 2/17/2012 12:53 AM
  2. Casey,
    I think just have LA back on the bench, and play only limited minutes would give the team a moral boost. They seem to be trying to hard, which causes mistakes and unwanted turnovers. However his health is the most important thing, and is needed most down the final stretch when the new season starts in April.

    by flyroy69 on 2/17/2012 11:15 AM
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