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Highlights: Trail Blazers 105, Clippers 97

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Of the two teams playing at the Rose Garden Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Clippers have the high-flying, highlight-producing reputation, hence the whole "Lob City" moniker. But the Trail Blazers, having moved away from a more deliberate, halfcourt offense, are fast becoming more frequent members of the Top Ten Plays crowd. And Tuesday night, the number of Trail Blazers highlights far surpassed those executed by the Clippers. In short, the Blazers beat the Clippers at their own game, all while winning the actual game.

The following are some of Portland's best plays from Tuesday's 105-97 victory. There's a little something for everyone, unless, of course, your a Clippers fan. I've got nothing for you guys.

First up, Raymond Felton push the ball up the court, spins past Chris Paul and finishes by finding Gerald Wallace under the basket for the easy layin. Felton finished the night with eight assists.

Marcus Camby has been Champagne Every Night this season, but he had a little something extra going against the Clippers. He finished the night with 12 points, 11 rebounds and two assists in 34 minutes, a season-high for the 16-year veteran. You don't expect Camby's output to cancel that of Blake Griffin's, but he dang near did it Tuesday night. Uncle Cam got two of his 12 tonight after the Clippers basically left him unguarded at the the free throw line, giving him and open lane to drive and dunk. Camby swags out at the end as well.

I thought Wesley Matthews was the best player on the floor last night, for either team. Shot 5 of 7 from the field, made all seven of his free throws and played terrific help-side defense on Blake Griffin. I can remember at least three occasions in which Blake either turned the ball over or had to force up a bad shot after Matthews left his man to double. And in the play above, Matthews' defense turned into open-court offense for Nicolas Batum.

Marcus Camby tossing lob passes from the high post to LaMarcus Aldridge is pretty much old hat, but I never get tired of watching the play develop. In this instance, Camby took one dribble in the lane to draw DeAndre Jordan away from the basket ever so slightly. Once Jordan committed to Camby, Aldridge used Blake Griffin's aggressiveness against him by spinning baseline toward the hoop. By time Blake reacted, the lob was already on its way. LaMarcus needed only guide the ball home.


  1. Casey, I haven't got to watch the game yet as I had my bowling night. therefore I won't view your videos just yet, but will as soon as I finish watching my recording
    I thank you for your post, I do enjoy.

    by Hg on 1/11/2012 1:55 AM
  2. awesome highlights Casey!

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/11/2012 6:32 AM
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