Apr 23

Roy Makes History in Game 4

By mikebarrett
There were 20,357 in attendance at the Rose Garden on Saturday.  Ten years from now, there will be 50,000 saying they were there.  That's how big this was. 

It was crazy.  I'd say it was unbelievable, but that doesn't do it justice.  I called the game on TV, and can't wait to go back and watch it just to see what the heck I was saying.  I really don't remember. 

It was only the third time in the shot-clock era that an NBA team came from 18+ down, enterting a fourth quarter, and won a playoff game.  You know you've done something special when you start tossing out terms like "in the shot-clock era."  Yes, it was also the largest fourth-quarter comback in Trail Blazers playoff history. 

We've seen big comebacks before.  Sometimes you can feel them coming.  This one?  Sorry.  Admit it.  You didn't see this coming.  Not this way.  Not on this day.

Even though in the back of your mind you perhaps knew Brandon Roy still had the capability to do something like this, you didn't think it would be now, in this situation.  Not after what we saw for three quarters.

The Trail Blazers, completely stagnant on offense, sapped of confidence, and unable to slow down Dallas, trailed this game 67-44, with :34 seconds to go in the third quarter.  Again, they trailed this game 67-44.  And, because of Portland's offensive woes on this day, that 23-point lead might as well have been 50. 

Roy stunned so many people with his 16-point night in game 3.  Dallas shrugged it off. 

In a preview of game 4, an article out of Dallas this morning said this:  Sure, Blazers icon Brandon Roy scored 16 points off the bench and inspired his teammates, but does anyone expect him to repeat that performance? 

I got that in an e-mail right before I left for the arena on Saturday morning.  Scott Zachry sent the article to me and suggested I print it.  I did.  I placed it on Brandon's chair in front of his locker at about 10:30 am.  I highlighted the above sentance.  It was just one writer's opinion, but I felt it pretty much summed up what I had been hearing out of Dallas, following Game 3.

I'm not suggesting that piece of paper had anything to do with what we would later see Roy do.  In my wildest dreams I couldn't have expected what he did in the fourth quarter.

What he did was put his entire team on his shoulders.  He resurrected (pardon the pun here at Eastertime) the Blazer offense, and gave them hope.  He sparked a comeback.  He scored 18 fourth-quarter points, and helped his team outscore Dallas 35-15 in the final quarter.  He recorded a rare four-point play with 1:07 left.  His freethrow tied the game at 82.  Then, he hit a runner in the lane, off the glass, and gave Portland the 84-82 lead.  Then, he got in Jason Terry's face, and effected his last-second heave from behind the arc, that would have won the game for the Mavericks.  It clanked off the iron, and the celebration was on.

It all happened so fast, and came absolutely out of nowhere.  I had to check the scoreboard three times before I could get myself to say "Blazers win!"

In that fourth quarter, the Trail Blazers were 15 for 20 from the field.  The Mavericks went 5 for 17.  I've never seen the tables turned so dramatically, or so quickly.  Keep in mind, the Trail Blazers went 4 for 16 in the first quarter, and missed 17 shots at one point during the third quarter, when they went 3 for 18.

That's the magic of all of this.  That's why it was so shocking, and will go down as the most dramatic fourth quarter in this team's playoff history.  It wasn't just the fourth quarter.  It was how it happened, and how it came on the heels of one of the most dismal third quarters in playoff history.

Throughout this series I've been saying that only the teams with "closers" have a chance.  That's why, even after Game 2, I said I would have started Roy in Game 3.  You HAVE to have Roy to have a chance in this series.  

This is why.  

I spent a few moments with Roy at his locker right after the game, before he went to the post-game press conference.  I started to tell him how great this all was, and then just admitted to him that I never let myself start to think this team would actually win this game.  He agreed.  That might surprise you.  He said he was just taking it possession by possession, and simply wanted to put pressure on Dallas to see what would happen.  I said I got what he was saying.  He then said it was all a blur.  Assistant coach Kaleb Canales then came over and kissed him on the head.  

Even if this only stretches this series out for another game, it'll still be the stuff of legend.  Obviously, the goals are more lofty than that.  This could springboard the team into Game 5 in Dallas, and back to Portland for Game 6.

As for the Mavericks?  The collar just got awfully tight.  They were in total command of this series, and were minutes away from putting themselves in a position to close the Blazers out in Dallas.  Now?  Who knows.  The pressure is now back on them.  As we've been saying, things can change quickly in a long seven-game series.  Guess what?  They just changed.

Portland has been given a second chance, and new life.  What will they do with it?  We'll find out on Monday.

To listen to Roy's post-game comments (with some LaMarcus Aldridge as well), click here.

To hear Nate McMillan's post-game interview, click here.


  1. Just amazing from all the guys tonight.

    BRoy especially, but everyone... EVERYONE, was amazing tonight.

    by Patch on 4/23/2011 6:40 PM
  2. I didn't see the comeback coming 100% per say, but I definitely felt something in the crowd. Being at the game and hearing those fans cheering, even heading into the fourth down 18, I had a feeling the boys wouldn't go out like this. We just kept chipping and chipping away. They had a few answers but not enough to slow down Brandon Roy.

    MB- I've been a STH since summer of 2007. This is the craziest game I've ever seen live. What's yours?

    by DHawes22 on 4/23/2011 6:55 PM
  3. After 3 quarters of lackadaisical play Portland didn't deserve this victory. Only a effort that will become legendary by a man that is all heart did we get this one. Rudy was a defensive demon and Broy showed he is still BRoy. I cursed Nate for putting him at a disadvatage by not having a point guard with him but he overcame it.

    by Ancientone on 4/23/2011 7:02 PM
  4. Great win by a great talent. I'm a quickly converted Bobcat fan that found my way to the UPRISE via the Gerald Wallace trade after some of the Blazer Fans (Kassandra, Madam O, TG and a few others befriended the Bobcat world during the Charlotte games). After spending the last few weeks as an active member of the Live Chat, the playoffs began and I've seen the sportlandia, Up and Adam, and Casey's show. Stating the obvious-Rip City has it going on! The time difference doesn't help much, but I can sleep after the playoffs are over.

    AWESOME win, the passion among the fans and players was really fun to experience. I think Dallas is going to be puckered up beyond belief for Monday's game, it's an absolute MUST win for them as their is no way they win in the RG down 2-3. Especially how they choked in the 4th quarter. The most promising thing is the Blazers haven't played a great all-around game yet. Each game they get great performances, but each game there are a lot of areas for improvement. What is most fun is in 5 days the RG crowd is going to chanting BEAT LA BEAT LA BEAT LA as we closeout this series in the RG.

    by BlockParty aka Teamship on 4/23/2011 7:05 PM
  5. Given what he's gone through this season, I have to call this Brandon Roy's best game -- ever. He earned his season salary in one quarter and almost single-handedly carried his team back from the edge of the cliff and pushed the other guys a bit closer to that edge. The Closer is back!

    Roy also saved his coach from a whole lot of second-guessing about player rotation, lack of desire, etc., and dumped all that on the head of Rick Carlisle. Let him try to explain his way out of this!

    Oh, and Mark Cuban, he's Mr. Roy to you.

    by dgpdx on 4/23/2011 7:15 PM
  6. I'm about to cry. I missed this game. I thought "meh, Blazers will win most likely, nothing interesting will happen". Last time I did that, Roy got a career high of 52 against Phoenix. All I can say is I'm glad I have a friend that works at the PF, who wants a tape (he's not nearly the fan I am), and he'll let me see it if he can. So, here's my story for the laughs.

    I went swimming today, for the whole day, and missed the game. I was waiting for someone to mention the game, and finally a friend showed up and said "oh they didn't look too good, they were down by about 20 near the end of the 3rd". I started a barrage of cuss words, trying to avoid kids so they didn't hear my mouth, but I was pretty mad, nearly saying things I never would.

    For closure, a few minutes later, I asked if someone could check the score on their phone. So, they did. 84-82 Blazers win. I just got home, and had to see it to believe it. My god I almost dropped some tears. I was one that told people to get off of Roy's back. To leave him alone, as he will be here in this series and be a factor. I even said that the previous game wasn't even anything near to what he could do. It nearly brings tears to my eyes to see him succeed like this. Now excuse me while I go party, wearing my Roy jersey with pride!

    From what I understand though, there is no way Portland could have played ANY worse. To see that we won in that scenario proves two things. 1) Roy is a God. 2)One of my favorite songs by Three Days Grace. It's not too late, it's NEVER TOO LATE.

    by Herr on 4/23/2011 7:16 PM
  7. One more item: Recall that after game one, in which Dallas had hounded Roy every time he touched the ball, Jason Kidd responded when asked why they paid so much attention to a guy who hadn't done anything lately: "He's still Brandon Roy, do you think we're stupid?"

    Want to reassess that Mr. Kidd? Today, you guys *were* stupid not to hound him every time he touched the ball.

    Of course, we can expect Brandon will be defended a whole lot differently by the Mavs in game 5. Can you spell R E S P E C T?

    by dgpdx on 4/23/2011 7:24 PM
  8. Brandon Roy.......................Brandon Roy.............................Brandon Roy.......................Brandon Roy.

    WOW......well we ummm won that game!!! :) Just amazing. We played sooo horrible, couldnt hit the broadside of the barn and then it was lights out in the 4th. Dallas had this game in the bag. I could talk about stats, who made mistakes, how we came back..bla bla....but forget about it...Roy saved us...a huge emotional win....."HOPEFULLY" jumps starts our confidence into game 5. We will just have to see.

    But we won this game, just wow. So proud of this team coming back. And Brandon Roy...well I know Rice said hes back...and maybe he is..and maybe he'll never be the "same" Roy. But I think at the very least he deserves a HUGE atta boy for what he has done for this franchise over the years..seriously...he really has gaven everything he can for us to win, and thats what being a Blazer is all about.

    by whitefeather21380 on 4/23/2011 7:28 PM
  9. Mike,

    Thanks for sharing with us the excitement of this game. What makes this win even more remarkable is that the blazers could have folded and thrown in the towel a number of times, but they didn't. Two that stand out. The peja three that grew the lead to 23, and the Jason Terry three that seemed to suck the life out of the building to take their lead from 7 to 10. The resilience and perseverance that the team showed today was truly amazing. We have to ride this wave of momentum and not let this go to waste by starting off strong in Dallas. I feel if we're able to do that, it will break Dallas' spirit. We need to do that. Thanks!


    by gvartan3 on 4/23/2011 7:40 PM
  10. All I have are tears and a heart filled with joy for this ball club. I may not be from Portland, but on this night, my heart and spirit have come home. I have no more words, I am too filled with emotion.

    Blazers in 6.

    by L.T.G on 4/23/2011 7:43 PM
  11. Mike, are they going to replay the game on TV? Our DVR failed us.

    We were at the RG for this game (part of the 20,357, not the 50,000), and lost our voice with all the shouting, and had ringing in our ears after the game. It's still hard to fathom what the Blazers were able to pull off. Roy scored the points, everyone else prevented the Mavs from scoring. Wesley, Rudy, Gerald, opting to contribute defensively. It's amazing how Roy lead the game both in scoring and assists.

    I hope this gives us just enough momentum to steal game five, and finish the series in the succeeding game.

    by Doinks on 4/23/2011 7:46 PM
  12. Can we throw out the box that Roy came that said "Injured basketball player?" Can we? Can we have this Roy back for good?

    by Herr on 4/23/2011 7:50 PM
  13. We love you Brandon Roy! Thank you so much for all you do for Portland. I want you to know that who you are and what you mean to the Blazers means so much to me and my family. We really appreciate and respect who you. Just got your warm up jersey today as an early Easter present. #7 You rock buddy.

    Thank you Blazers! Great game. Don't want to say too much because it's the hands of Nate and the guys. Have that back-to-back mentality guys. You did so good all year. I am not saying burn yourself out either but I think having break in between games is maybe a little awkward at times for a team that was really ready to bounce back at any given time.

    Glad to be a fan to you guys always.

    My girlfriend want to chime in here for a second: Brandon, I want you to know that you are an amazing player and that what you did today to help your team win meant the world to me. I never lost hope in the team or you B. Roy!

    This team rocks the shot clock.


    by Bull Frog on 4/23/2011 8:00 PM
  14. I saw one Blazer fan in the front row so happy, that he was almost doing 360's when he was jumping up and down.

    by Tobyus Sanchezo on 4/23/2011 8:50 PM
  15. A game like this by Roy is huge for our struggling offense. We now have two players that demand a double-team; most teams barely have one. Wesley, Gerald, Nic, and Rudy have to be ready to either knock down the open three or strongly attack the basket from the perimeter. Wesley has been doing a decent job of driving to the basket; the others need to do the same and not settle for so many threes. Carlisle will probably trap Roy to keep him from getting into any kind of rhythm early on. Although we will still go through Aldridge, our offense just got a lot less predictable.

    by C. Larry on 4/23/2011 9:50 PM
  16. Remember when it was impossible for Roy and Miller to play together?

    by teradasan on 4/23/2011 10:20 PM
  17. Great win, but I suggest the Blazers don't try to win like that again in this series. I would think the vary thought it's the playoffs would be motivating enough, but something needs to be said to light a fire under their... to play hard the whole game.

    by Shem on 4/23/2011 10:37 PM
  18. so i may be big sissy but i honestly cried well teared up my have been the 6 jack and coaks i had i dont know but i was so happy for roy. it was like said you know what take this all of u who say im done.

    by Avgjoe28 on 4/23/2011 10:47 PM
  19. Best bball game I ever saw.
    So glad it was BRoy's day. I've been waiting and new it would come.
    You can't take the champion out of the man.
    He means so much to this city and this team.
    I think the crowd was especially enthused because of his effort.
    On a side, loved seeing Dre on the sidelines getting the crowd involved. I felt like 6th man today. I am totally hoarse tonight.

    by allie-oop on 4/23/2011 10:47 PM
  20. I was sitting there watching on tv when we were down by 23. I said "oh no this one looks bad folks" but I told myself (and sent good thoughts to the blazers mentally) if you go down, go down fighting. What happened today is beyond amazing. For Roy to have that state of mind and take control of the game is proof that he is one of the best...ever!

    by tjp3964 on 4/23/2011 10:56 PM
  21. Mike my man: what a goofy game. I am too sleepy to write much as I had to work until justg now to get my work done after watching the game. I am still not sure how or why this happened, to other teams OK. but to the bad luck Blazers no way. see you in the morning

    by Hg on 4/23/2011 11:14 PM
  22. Wow. I missed the start of this game--somehow got the start time down as 2:30--and when I caught on almost half the quarter was gone and the score was something absurd like 5-4. By the time the first half was over, I was thinking the Blazers had made the same mistake I did, but that at least they woke up in time to salvage a start that could have finished them. And, then they came out in the second half and missed fifteen straight shots. At that point I was busy thinking about off-season moves to improve the team, because the game was obviously lost, and with it the series. I went back to work on the pizza I was making for a guest coming over afterwards. And then things started going right, and more right and then miraculously awesomely right, down to the miracle ending. I don't think I'll ever fully understand how a team can play that badly and then turn it around like that. But I do at least understand why I was so wrong before about Brandon Roy. The thing I didn't realize is that Brandon is a Jedi knight. Honestly, couldn't you just hear the voice whispering in his ear, "Use the force." He just tapped into something bigger than himself, forget about thinking and aiming, and just started shooting those missiles right down the tube into the heart of the Death Star. (Wouldn't Dirk make a good Vader? Cuban can be the emperor.) Anyway, mission impossible accomplished, and Dallas gets to fly home after a fierce emotional whipsawing. Maybe they'll shrug it off, and the empire will strike back, but I sure wouldn't want to be on that team if the Blazers come out strong on Monday and get an early ten-point lead. I mean, at some point you'd think we're going to play a good game from start to finish, instead of throwing away whole quarters and then relying on mystical forces to snatch victory from certain defeat. But someone should remind Brandon to watch out if Dirk starts whispering about coming over to the dark side.

    by Islander on 4/23/2011 11:16 PM
  23. This will go down in Blazer history as one of the most memorable victories ever. Midway through the fourth quarter I remember thinking "Roy is taking over. He's going to save us." That's when I believed we would win. You could just see it in his body language that it was his time. Both teams knew it. Honestly, it felt unreal. It was special for so many reasons.

    Now I disagree with those who say we played terrible for the first 3 quarters. I thought we played scrappy D all game long. Our offense was terrible, that's it. I do not understand what all the jump shots are about. It was driving me nuts.

    dgpdx made a good point about how roy shifted the heat of the critics. carlisle is gonna get grilled for this one.

    psychologically this kind of game was huge. imagine if we were in the same situation as dallas. we'd feel like losers. i believe the winner of the next game wins the series. i hope we approach it that way.

    Go Blazers!

    by thedanman on 4/23/2011 11:17 PM
  24. MIKE!!!!!!!

    Would you believe I was watching here in Prague, but at about mid-way through the 3rd, I was in the chat room and we were saying and asking "Where's the effort?" It was 1 am here and I finally decided I had to head to bed, as I do have to get up at a decent time so I can get some studying done. When I awoke, I was almost sure I would get the confirmation that we were down 3-1, but I saw my e-mail, that Casey and Kass had both written blogs, so that was a bit strange. I quickly went to ESPN and was stunned - BLAZERS WIN BY 2!!!! As you said, UNBELIEVABLE!!! I wish I had stayed up and watched, especially since it is the weekend and one can always catch up with work later, but alas, I didn't and missed this historic game and of course, to be able to share it with my fellow fans even though I'm currently away from home (Portland).

    How fitting, after the earlier feelings Brandon was having, to have this game to reestablish, to bring back his Natural-ness to the court and show the league that he still has it - that' an understatement!

    I did think he cried after the game, from what I just saw on .tv, and those are well worth it! Just an amazing story - you know either way, I was going to thank all the guys who are on Twitter, for a great year, whenever the season ends, even if we had lost last night, but even more-so now, I will certainly give them their dues for a great year - but I'll wait until the ride is over - for now - ONTO DALLAS FOR GAME 5!!!!!

    Love this team, love my fellow fans (+broadcasters of course!).

    Anees, from Prague

    by Anees on 4/23/2011 11:31 PM
  25. Mike Happy Easter . Your children are cute . but anyway B-Roy did it I was jumping in my house pretending I was at the rose garden . Have to win Game 5 Monday.

    by jyp on 4/24/2011 1:25 AM
  26. Nate is so dumb. Why didn't he use Chris johnson,LA,ROY,miller, and Wallace starting 5. Johnson on Dirk, LA down low, and use roy like kobe and use johnson power inside get the rebound!!!! HE CAN JUMP NOT CAMBY!!!!! so idiot. Johnson don't even need to shoot the jumper just get the offensive rebound. So frustrating cheering on a good talents team with a horrible playoff coach..we have 13 player active in the roster not 6. Lucky big save by Roy.

    by ijamesza on 4/24/2011 2:37 AM
  27. ijamesza: GO TO YOUR ROOM.

    It is so dumb to sit at your computer and spew out hatred when we just fought to the end with a miracles win.

    I think your hatred is somewhat wasted today my friend. Save it for a day when we lost a game we should have won, not win a game we should have lost. A win is a win in the play-offs. and it evens the tally sheet. Do you think we will let you get us down and wallow in your anger with you? No way my friend.

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 5:54 AM
  28. thedanman:
    after last nights game, there is no way we can make predictions. We will have to join Nate and the Players, just go to the next game and focus on doing what we need to do to stay in the game. and now in the series.

    At this point, I agree with Mike B. the longer the series goes on the rougher it will be on Dallas. So it could very easily go to game 7. If the Mavs wins in game 5, would you bet against the odds after last nights game that they can win game 6 in Portland with the RG crowd. not likely, but they would have a chance of winning game 7 on there home-court. But first they will have to win the next game.

    The pressure is back on them and I would be playing with a little fear if I was a Maverick. They did everything they could and everything they should to put us away, but to no avail.

    Therefore, the only way I would say who-ever wins the next game wins the series would be if Portland won. Then again it is tough to win 4 in a row in a series, so they could feasibly take home-court away from us in Portland, but I DON'T THINK SO LOL. How about who-ever wins four games wins the series :).

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 6:09 AM
  29. I apologize to you Brandon Roy. The Sandman is back! Return of the King. Absolutely the greatest game any of my teams have played that I witnessed.

    I will nitpick one thing. Will someone please put Barea on his @$$?! Whats the difference if we give a point on a flagrant, as long as we're within 18 they're toast ; )

    by Sean Ivey on 4/24/2011 6:28 AM
  30. Mike:
    Of course you remember the gallant play of the Blazers in the SAS game that will be recorded as one of the all time great games. Do you also recall what Batum said in an interview. Well of course we can come back from six down, they went up by six in the same amount of time.

    I was bringing that up because you said the fourth was just the opposite of the third, They went up by 18 in the third and we got that 18 back and raised them four since we were down by two at the end of the half.

    I am not picking on you, but you were going on about Dallas would be looking to finish us off in game 5, and Rice was saying that we have just made a big dent in the Mavs lead and we had us a ball game again. Or, was that the other way around?

    Anyway, you announced the fact that they out scored us something to 14 in the third and we out scored them the same amount plus four in the fourth.

    The one thing that was constant throughout the game was the astonishing defense by both teams. Both teams were able to find a crack in the Armor and score in spurts. The only thing is we crumbled their armor with the play of BRoy. The Dallas newspaper may not have thought that BRoy could repeat his performance twice in a row. But, for sure You and Rice and Me knew it. Rice called it in game 3 when he said BRoy was back.

    Ancientone I have to laugh when you apologize for long post that are three or four lines long. than I look at mine and some of the others and wonder if you can waddle to that frig for another snack until the end of the play-offs. That being 16 wins for Portland and amazing amount of games, since Portland doesn't like doing things the easy way LOL.

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 6:46 AM
  31. wow was that a fun game. I was so ticked off that we were losing i went out to get my last ipa at the end of the 3rd and came back in to find broy being a hero. all i can say is woww
    go blazers

    by Miller on 4/24/2011 7:55 AM
  32. @Kassandra, I know you haven't posted yet, but maybe we only have to bring it for 12 minutes with BRoy putting on his all-star cape LOL.

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 8:19 AM
  33. Mike, can you convince KGW to replay this game? Or let me know who I can contact. I normally record all games so I can watch after getting home from the game. But Frontier didn't have the game listed on the schedule so all I got was TNT's version. Please, please, please! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    by DeVinMzM on 4/24/2011 8:35 AM
  34. 3 plays that stand out to me that helped turn this game around and i'll narrow it down to 3 players.. The Gerald Wallace lay-up in transition (while Mavericks had 5 guys back on D) which started the match at the start of the 4th; that's also our first fast-break point. Wesleys key forced turnover on Kidd which made the trail blaze, and Roy (with a plethora of plays at the end) igniting the crowd to a high like i've never seen before.

    Right towards the end of the 3rd tho, all i could think about was how i'm gonna come back on here and voice my opinion.. i was gonna curse this team out and instill some hatred.. I kinda thought maybe some guys on the team read MBs blog; so if they saw my comment it would motivate them haha. I also kinda would hav liked to have seen your bloggers reaction to a "former blazer fan". I'd still be a blazer fan but down 3-1? u gotta do something to make the team get back on it's feet! Kinda like what MB did before the game. MB i wonder what Roy did with that article?

    But it's the past now.. Now Blazers absolutely HAVE to win this series! And i'd start Roy next game. Wesley will do fine off the bench.. i thought he worked well with that in Utah. Let's win the next 2 games!! Start with a blow-out in Dallas and finish them off at home!

    PS: Did you guys see Miller's reaction!! after they won!! LOL i think for him being a quiet guy, he thought it was time to let it alll out!! ehehehe

    by Ballinrotation365 on 4/24/2011 8:37 AM
  35. The outlook wasn’t awesome

    For the Blazer team that day

    The score stood 67-49

    With one quarter more to play

    They hung their heads in deep despair

    About to be down 3-1

    Few thought “if Brandon only got someair”

    Otherwise our season’s done

    Then from morethan 20,000 throats there rose a lusty yell

    It rumbled throughWillamette Valley, it rattled the Maverick’s spell

    It blew the topof Mt. St. Helens and laid all of Texas flat

    For Brando, yesol' B Roy, knew exactly where it’s at

    And now the leather-covered sphere

    Is dangling on the rim

    It’s banking off the glass

    Number 7’s pouring them in

    The Natural is in a zone

    That no one thought could be

    Our resurrected All-Star

    Wins game four single-handedly

    On Saturday in Portlandia

    The sun was shining bright

    To the Blazers and their faithful fourthquarter 70 degree delight

    Today a city’s happy and all of us canshout

    “There’s joy on Easter Sunday – Rip City- B Roy shined his light”.

    by dulces on 4/24/2011 8:43 AM
  36. As one of the lucky ones who who was actually there, I can say that sport has never moved me so deeply. When I think about Brandon Roy that 4th quarter, I find tears in my eyes....it's like I finally saw Superman! But in reality, just a great human being and phenomenal basketball player. Thanks Mike for your great blog which I will save and share.

    by victor100 on 4/24/2011 11:07 AM
  37. @Ballinrotation365: I can't disagree with you on starting BRoy in the next game, in fact Mike B and Mike R suggested it. Plus, Wesley isn't noted for his games away from home anyway, so not sure it would hurt. But because the series is down to the best out of three now, and we won this one, it might be better to not mess with the starting crew to much; Nate can always insert BRoy earlier, but not knowing how many minutes BRoy can play we surely want to save most of his energy for the closure.
    What ever we do, we know that both teams should be pulling out all stops for this next game, because it is of up importance, Not a necessity as some says, because we only have to win one in Dallas and win one at home whether it be this game or game 7.
    IMO, when the players play bad, you give them encouragement, not spews hatred to motivate them. Heck if they aren’t motivated now they never will be; in fact, I think they are too motivated and playing somewhat uptight instead of relax and having fun.

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 9:14 AM
  38. Rocky who? We are in the middle rounds of a fight. Punch for punch. Blow for blow. We bleed. We draw blood. Now step on their throat.
    A special shout out to RUDY. His pressure on the ball and intensity started the house of cards to fall. He was brought here to shoot the threeball. He has given us more. This is not the first night his pressure turned a game. Who would of thought. Thanks Rudy.

    by Divotking on 4/24/2011 9:51 AM
  39. Rose Garden fever!

    I was a really lucky person to be able to be at the game yesterday when the Blazers were down by 20 I was like ''this game is over but then Brandon came in and did what he does best! As Brandon slowly mounted a comeback I'm like okay he's gotten us close but were still going to lose-but then it was like magic we kept hitting shots and they kept missing shots and possibly my favorite play was when Brandon Roy got in the face of Jason Terry and messed up his shot to win the game for the Blazers

    by Puggaloverjack2 on 4/24/2011 10:28 AM
  40. Iam another fan who @ first thought we should start Roy. But then I thought about it...true, Roy was used to starting, and thats where he played his best basketball, where he is comfortable. BUT...now Roy is on the bench, and these last 2 games has really came out and played with energy, and ofcourse yesterday we all know what happen.

    So I say we just keep it where its at, and let it go from there. You do have the option of giving Roy a quicker start off the bench, and if you want to play him 30 min, then go for it. You give him the start, and he might wanna try to do "too much"...so I just feel more comfortable, for now..keeping the same rotation.

    I do think that Dallas will be hounding Roy when he is in. He was used to this in his all star years, so no prab. should be able to open up others for scoring. We cant have a sluggish start in this game, not in Dallas. I 100% believe if we win this game in Dallas, we will win the series. We will just have to see...I do think this was a blow to Dallas, but there a veteran team,highly talented..playin in front of thier home crowd. Things have never been easy for either team in this series, and game 5 will be the same. Our defense in game 4 was very good, if we can continue that with much better offense, we should be looing good.

    by whitefeather21380 on 4/24/2011 11:43 AM
  41. Best. Game. Ever.

    by kaemicha on 4/24/2011 12:30 PM
  42. Now what did we tell you? Brandon Roy reminds those who have written him off and keep shaking their heads over the condition of his knees that his will and his spirit trumps ALL.

    Sorry, but Nate almost blew it again when he kept staying with the same lineup even as it was clear a new group was needed inside. I kept screaming at the TV screen and was almost willing him to bring in Roy.

    I hope Nate learned a crucial lesson as the team heads back to Dallas.

    GODSPEED, BROY!!! Thank you for making us fans keep believing.

    by Kap on 4/24/2011 2:20 PM
  43. Now what did we tell you? Brandon Roy reminds those who have written him off and keep shaking their heads over the condition of his knees that his will and his spirit trumps ALL.

    Sorry, but Nate almost blew it again when he kept staying with the same lineup even as it was clear a new group was needed inside. I kept screaming at the TV screen and was almost willing him to bring in Roy.

    I hope Nate learned a crucial lesson as the team heads back to Dallas.

    GODSPEED, BROY!!! Thank you for making us fans keep believing.

    by Kap on 4/24/2011 2:20 PM
  44. Sorry for the multiple posts. Screwy connection.

    by Kap on 4/24/2011 2:21 PM
  45. How can we make Dirk not throw his leg up kicking while shooting.. Iam sure if it was anyone other than him it would be offensive fowl.

    by Ashok Raj on 4/24/2011 2:41 PM
  46. i really don't know what else i can add. that was the most incredible comeback i've ever seen. honestly, i wanted to believe it could happen, but i was just still very nervous about it.

    the thing i take away from Brandon's performance is that this game follows a very good outing of 16 points in game three. Brandon had a few great games since coming back from surgery, but they were not in consecutive games.

    MB, you talked on TBtv with Sarah on friday about Brandon's issue being mental rather than physical. i think putting a couple of games together as he has done will go a long way toward that. the most important thing to me is that while we may not need it every night from him, we know he is still capable of it.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 4/24/2011 3:08 PM
  47. HG, I can't disagree with you on that either. It sounds better when u think about it.. just caught up in the moment of a crazy crazy victory!! Which also is prolly why i wanted to spew hatred in the first place when they were down 23. Next ones in Dallas, everything is flipped upside down.. their players are going to try and play the card we played on them in game 3. That can happen early and our confidence from game 4 could be well out the window!! So yea nvm, hope Nate keeps that line-up with Roy subbing in early..

    by Ballinrotation365 on 4/24/2011 3:11 PM
  48. @ashok..... Someone should grab dirks leg when he tries to kick with it and pull him lol..

    by Ballinrotation365 on 4/24/2011 3:12 PM
  49. Hg: that had also crossed my mind about playing 12 (actually, more like 14) minutes instead of 48 but, as you know, we can't rely on a huge comeback each game!

    the problem for dallas is that now they really have to pay attention to Brandon at the same time that those doubts are creeping into their heads (at least we hope). i do not envy Carlisle right now as he has to scheme for game 5 (not to mention game 6).

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 4/21/2013 12:14 AM
  50. Is there a way to influence Coach Nate in regards with his player rotation. It is so inconsistent that it took him for the Blazers to be down 20 points or so to sub Roy in. It looks like it paralyzed him and could not make a decision. At least an early time out to stop the run. No adjustments were made, Blazers keep forcing their shots. I remember Cheek Hearns always criticizing Pat Riley, during his early years with Lakers, the way his player rotation decisions on the air. I wish you folks can do the same. In addition, Roy should be starting the rest of the year. If not, we need a new coach next year for us to win this thing.

    by ronejan on 4/24/2011 3:53 PM
  51. Kassandra;

    You are right all away around. I do remember though that 3 years ago in regular season, I always thought that if we were within 6 pts at the 6 minute mark when BRoy was healthy that the game was ours. I would still go with the f-48 minute game though.

    Whether BRoy can repeat or not doesn't really matter, the Mavs knows he can and has to prepare for it. That is what we have been needing, scoring off the bench to make it easier on LMA and crew. Of course in my opinion BRoy should have his playing time with 4 of the starting 5, but time with Rudy, and Nic will be great also, because if he plays like he did in that game, the Mavs will have to keep their starters in longer and they are not spring chickens anymore.

    Thanks for your reply I like your heads up blog. and your live chats.

    I have to get my butt back to work. Might see you on the up and Adam show tomorrow.

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 3:55 PM
  52. ronejan: i understand your point about Brandon starting and imo it's certainly a valid thing to consider. however, at the end of the day, i would rather not mess with the starting linuep in the middle of a series. i will say that if Brandon continues this level of play, he will be back in the starting linuep sooner rather than later.

    Hg: if Brandon is going to play 25 minutes per game (24:29 last night), then i would be pleased with 12-14 points per game from him. while it was great last night, i don't want to have to rely on him to do that every night. on the other hand, i'd love to see more!

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 4/24/2011 5:13 PM
  53. I was watchin on t.v. and getting concerned and I just couldn't watch anymore so I went outside and could hear wheels just starting to go off so I went back to the t.v. and this amazing comeback was on. Unbelievable I'm so proud of this team and hope to win game 5 by 7pts. =) No matter what I'm proud of this team. GO Blazers "WIN THE DAY".....

    by sabotfire67 on 4/24/2011 6:09 PM
  54. Well...I am late to the party, aren't I?

    I didn't comment on game 3, because I was afraid it might be fool's gold, and I especially wasn't anxious to put my hopes about Roy down in print :) I am a really superstitious person, so....yeah.

    There is not terribly much for me to add about the comeback. I didn't watch real time, because I just couldn't take the anxiety. I peeked at the score at the end of the 2nd and then once in the 3rd, when we were down like 18 or something. At that point, I pretty much figured we were done, though I had this nagging sensation that SOMEONE was about to mount a comeback. I avoided my phone, tv, and computer for several hours, and finally put the game on at about 7 pm. I was like the rest of you, in awe at seeing BRoy being, well, like Nico said later, being Brandon Roy. When I realized we had the lead, I knew it was over. I cannot begin to express the pride I felt in employee number 7, or the guys who picked up the D, and fluidly allowed Roy to just take over, without giving up their own efforts. I know the team and the fans needed this win. Believe me, I really really really needed this win :)

    Several of us have felt that this series was going to somehow be different, that this was in fact the one to take us into the 2nd round finally. I know many of us have faltered in that belief lately, especially after games 1 and 2, where I think most of us believed we HAD to get a W in order to take the series. Sometimes, all it takes is another day and another game to see how things might work out the way so many of us thought it would. Never in a million years, even for steady Roy fans like me, did we foresee either the complete Blazer meltdown that was the 3rd quarter, or the incredible Brandon Roy revival that was the 4th quarter. We couldn't have fathomed this being what game 4 would be like as we welcomed the boys home from Dallas, down 0-2. It just goes to show how sports model life sometimes, and that we should always just expect the unexpected, even when things are going as expected :)

    I have zero shame in admitting that I cried, cried, and cried some more as I re-watched the game, watched the youtube compilations, and read the disbelieving and glorifying articles today. A particularly wonderful one to read was by Mahoney, found here: http://www.thetwomangame.com/. The best part of the article, imo -

    "To say this was “vintage Roy” or a “throwback performance” would be a bit misleading; on the court for the Blazers was the actual 2009 Roy, in the flesh, having taken the place of his limited future self. It’s the only logical explanation. He was in true superstar form once again, and had a fourth quarter for the ages, a feat which I — among many, I’d presume — didn’t think Roy was capable. This league is better when Roy is performing at an All-World level, and when removed from the context of a series-turning loss, his revival was as relishable as it was unexpected. Yet when viewed as a part of one of Dallas’ most notable playoff implosions, Roy’s 18 points and four assists in the fourth quarter were just brutal. The efficiency. The creation. The drives, the shots, the set-ups. Roy murdered the Mavs in cold blood on his home court..."

    Yeah, he said murdered in cold blood :) The Sandman did that

    Okay, one thing I have yet to see anyone other than Dave at BEdge really comment about was the situation that spurred the 2nd-quarter drive for the Blazers. For me, perhaps one of the best moments in recent Blazer ball happened when Lamarcus Aldridge, one of the coolest cats on the court, got chest to chest with Chandler, then shoved him as Chandler delivered another cheap shot while walking away. LA just doesn't do that stuff. And I know Nate didn't like the chippiness, but honestly, I think we need just a little bit of that against the calm, cool, and collected Mavs. And anything LA can do to let Chandler know he is done pussy-footin' around with him is just going to help him get his later :) We call them Power Forwards for a reason after all.

    Just imagine, as many have noted...we have yet to actually play a really good basketball game from start to finish! Wow...can't wait for that one. Monday perhaps?


    by SisillaRiann on 4/24/2011 6:59 PM
  55. EA: i've been watching the recaps and interviews of the game for the past couple hours, and i'm still getting teary eyed. i just can't stop thinking of what is going through Brandon's mind, and how much confidence he must feel right now. it's amazing what can happen in a matter of a few days. it only reinforces to me the maturity level and drive to win that he possesses.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 4/24/2011 8:18 PM
  56. EowynArmarie: Wow you wrote a great article. BTW, have you ever thought of writing a book. I can almost see a movie of the story of Brandon Roy's life and all his injuries. If you could write the story that would be great.

    I used to teach anxiety patients how to cope with their fears, My ex wife was an anxiety patient and it drove her to drink because alcohol is a great blocker of anxiety, Of course it takes more and more alcohol and then the alcohol has you.

    Opps off subject, anyway great post, keep it up.

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 8:25 PM
  57. Kassandra and EowynArmarie: I am not a bit ashamed of my tears. All the doubters and the haters that were sounding off about BRoy had me so angry that I almost quit posting. I was wishing above wishing that he could have one of his great games to show the world. Boy when he did it i couldn't help from crying of the happiness I felt for BRoy. Of course when I seen him cry that made me lose it.

    See you two on Up and Adam show tomorrow, hopefully?

    by Hg on 4/24/2011 8:30 PM
  58. Happy Easter Mike and Mike and the Blazers. We believe in you...somehow, somewhere, some way. You have given us all the reason to and more the last 3-4 years.

    Every year I realize more and more how blessed we are to have such an exciting team to watch. Really, what would I do without the Blazers? I will shave my head if we win this series.

    Hg- man I am so glad your wish came true. All of us, the doubters, the faithful and in between needed to see that in Portland. Believe!

    by Bull Frog on 4/24/2011 9:38 PM
  59. Kassadra, EA,Hg:I've enjoyed your comments all yr. My wife is trying to push me towards carrot sticks. Hang on to your hats, I think the ride is going to get even better from here.

    by Ancientone on 4/25/2011 9:15 AM
  60. Hg, Ancientone, and Kassandra - thanks :)

    by SisillaRiann on 4/25/2011 9:36 AM
  61. Oops, double post!

    by SisillaRiann on 4/25/2011 9:36 AM
  62. Ancientone: Carrot sticks doesn't sound great. Strawberry shortcake is the way to go.

    by Hg on 4/25/2011 9:43 AM
  63. I hope they do double Roy tonight. Doubling Roy = boomshakalaka from the big guy!

    by teradasan on 4/25/2011 11:08 AM
  64. I Dont want them to double team anybody tonight . Game 5 Portland will win and Game 6 this series is over

    by jyp on 4/25/2011 12:31 PM
  65. Double teaming is about committing and effort. Dallas must and will. Portland will. This is the playoffs. It is about Defensive effort. Nate has preached that for years. Our boys have bought into that. Portland has held Dallas to 20 pts. or less in the last 6 qtr's. Dance with who brought you. The blazers shooting performance in 3 qtr's of game one was because of defense.

    by Divotking on 4/25/2011 2:28 PM
  66. We are in trouble now.......... We need to know why Dallas has more free throws at American Airlines center than they do at the Rose Garden. Reminds me of the 03 playoffs where Portland season was over in game 7 at Dallas...............

    by jyp on 4/26/2011 1:52 AM
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