Mar 07

Over half of the Portland Trail Blazers roster, thanks mostly to the efforts of Patty Mills, uses Twitter and often times, they use the 140 characters allotted per tweet to converse amongst themselves.

With that in mind, I introduce yet another post recounting the life and times of the Trail Blazers on Twitter. All text and photos come directly from the players' Twitter accounts.

Please to enjoy, a trip to the University of Oregon with Patty Mills (@Patty_Mills), Wesley Matthews (WessyWes2) and Nicolas Batum (Nicolas88Batum), with appearances from LaMarcus Aldridge (@Aldridge_12), Marcus Camby (@MarcusCamby23), Rudy Fernandez (@Rudy5Fernandez), the Portland Trail Blazers (@PDXTrailBlazers) and Wears My Shirt (@WearsMyShirt).


Patty_Mills: Just landed in Ptown. You people down in Eugene better not be asleep because I've gotta tell you all about the exciting plans for tomorrow! 12:19 AM Mar 3rd

Patty_Mills: Well good news is that we have another friend joining @wessywes2 @nicolas88batum and I on the Eugene trip tomorrow... Wanna know who it is? 12:26 AM Mar 3rd

Patty_Mills: Some know him as LA. Others know him by L-Train but hes my big bro. @aldridge_12 @wessywes2 @nicolas88batum Assisting Australia in Eugene!! 12:37 AM Mar 3rd

Patty_Mills: Anyway, We have just made this trip to Eugene tomorrow even more exciting! Not only are my friends helping me Assist Australia... 12:40 AM Mar 3rd

Patty_Mills: Wes, Nic and LA will be playing BIG TIME games on twitter in Eugene to give away personally signed footwear & Apparel. Stay tuned for more!! 12:41 AM Mar 3rd

Patty_Mills: Then after all the fun and games are over, we all will be attending the Lady Ducks game @OregonWBB vs ASU!! Fun day coming up tomorrow #paid 12:45 AM Mar 3rd

Aldridge_12: @Patty_Mills Yessir! Thu Mar 3 00:45:31 2011

WessyWes2: @Patty_Mills very productive trip. Got a surprise tomorrow for Eugene so stay tuned. Till then, this bed looks so good right now 12:48 AM Mar 3rd

*MEMO* Me & my friends LA, Nic & Wes will be at the @OregonWBB game tonight in Eugene. Come say hi & grab some #assistaustraliatees from us! Thu Mar 3 09:16:41 2011

Nicolas88Batum: On my way to Eugene with my bala @Patty_Mills and @wessywes2 1:52 PM Mar 3rd

@Patty_Mills @nicolas88batum I don't think Eugene is ready for us y'all 2:20 PM Mar 3rd

“@wessywes2: @Patty_Mills @nicolas88batum I don't think Eugene is ready for us y'all” I don't think so either, we bringing the force Thu Mar 3 14:22:11 2011

PDXTrailBlazers: Are you guys tweeting from the same car? RT @wessywes2: @Patty_Mills @nicolas88batum I don't think Eugene is ready for us y'all 2:23 PM Mar 3rd

WessyWes2: @pdxtrailblazers might be lol 2:30 PM Mar 3rd via Twitter for iPhone

Patty_Mills: So you Eugenians ready for the first game of the day???? #megafun Thu Mar 3 15:04:38 2011

Patty_Mills: Ok @wessywes2 and his game is up first so he's about to explain the rules #listenup Thu Mar 3 15:21:14 2011

Patty_Mills: YEAAAAHHHH EUGENE!!!!!!! HERE COME THE BALA'S!!! Thu Mar 3 15:23:34 2011

Let the games begin! The game is called, "where in the world is wessywes" 3:25 PM Mar 3rd

WessyWes2: I will give a clue to my destination and then the first 5 people to show up and flash the 3 goggles will receive an autographed tee shirt 3:27 PM Mar 3rd

WessyWes2: It will be a specific location, like a restaurant for example 3:28 PM Mar 3rd

WessyWes2: Clue will be given at 4 oclock 3:51 PM Mar 3rd

@nicolas88batum,@wessywes2,@Patty_Mills hey ballas yall left uncle cam??? Thu Mar 3 16:00:57 2011

Here comes the clues. There will be three clues. The time starts after the third clue. And I added a Lil extra to the first person. Thu Mar 3 16:01:31 2011

First clue. I'm in a two story house with Christmas lights Thu Mar 3 16:02:04 2011

Second clue, I'm next to the best ice cream in Eugene Thu Mar 3 16:03:26 2011

Patty_Mills: YO! @wessywes2 just gave out his first clue. Check it out! And hurry, it's a race! Thu Mar 3 16:03:33 2011

Third and final clue, I'm eating Italian food. You have 20 minutes Thu Mar 3 16:04:29 2011

Patty_Mills: GAME OVER GUYS!!! Thu Mar 3 16:05:52 2011

@wessywes2 gives 2 clues and 50 people show up. AWESOME! 4:10 PM Mar 3rd

Patty_Mills: 'Where in the world is @wessywes2' is over!! It took less then 5 minutes for people to find us. #congrats #badhidingspot Thu Mar 3 16:16:34 2011

WessyWes2: Wow. Much love in Eugene. I'm speechless Thu Mar 3 16:20:53 2011

Patty_Mills: Ok Eugene! Great job on @wessywes2 game... But be prepared for Game Two! Bala Nic @nicolas88batum is up next #beready Thu Mar 3 16:39:14 2011

WessyWes2: Might have to come up with another game. What y'all think? Thu Mar 3 16:39:47 2011

Nicolas88Batum: My game is coming.... Thu Mar 3 16:48:06 2011

(ed. note: Batum's contest never ended up happening. Turns out the plan was for Nic to go to the Red Robbin in Eugene, with the clue for the contest being some kind of "Batman and Robin" reference. Turns out the Red Robin was too far away, so it didn't go down. Now you know.)

Nicolas88Batum: With my balas @Patty_Mills and @wessywes2 Thu Mar 3 18:17:26 2011

Aldridge_12: Hate I miss out on my lil bro @Patty_Mills trip today just had a lot of things to do today. 6:45 PM Mar 3rd

Rudy5Fernandez: Sorry the people from Eugene!!need rest in my house. I hope enjoy the day with @Patty_Mills @nicolas88batum and @wessywes2.Next time eugene 7:29 PM Mar 3rd

WessyWes2: Where we going now Thu Mar 3 22:04:22 2011

WessyWes2: Taylors in Eugene what's good!? Thu Mar 3 23:43:42 2011

Nicolas88Batum: Was so much today with @Patty_Mills @wessywes2 and people from UO...keep supporting Australia Thu Mar 3 23:46:15 2011

TAYLORS!!! #megapaid #lovemyducks Fri Mar 4 00:29:36 2011

WessyWes2: Goodnight Eugene Fri Mar 4 02:53:40 2011


  1. they were tweeting like crazy tweeters all day yesterday...silly boys. Really showcases Patty's humor to talk in 140 characters or less, which is hilarious!

    by DustyGeo on 3/7/2011 9:54 AM
  2. yeah, i know!!! it's sad that nic's contest never happened, but i hope a lot of people helped with "Assist Australia"!

    by dancegirl on 3/7/2011 1:20 PM
  3. Assist Australia FTW! This was a fun night. I got a picture message from a friend at 12:15am and got dressed and to Taylor's ASAP. Got to chat with Patty & Wes and a chance to snap a couple photos and definitely some memories. Patty Mills seemed genuinely interested in my schooling and wished me the best for finals week and beyond. I have to say that it solidified Pat Stacks as my favorite Trail-Blazer. He has a die-hard basketball spirit and an undeniable passion for supporters of the TrailBlazer community.

    by Joshua Ryan Gregor on 3/8/2011 1:06 PM
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