Dec 10

Confidence Grows Following Win in Phoenix

By mikebarrett Posted in: BrandonRoy, Suns, NateMcMillan, MarcusCamby

If Thursday’s win over Orlando was the most impressive of the season, then Friday’s was a very close second.  What perhaps made it even bigger than the win over the Magic, was the fact that it came on the road, and on the second of a back to back.  What made it feel better than the Orlando win was that Brandon Roy looked like Brandon Roy, and posted his most impressive night since the first week of the regular season.

Roy led the Blazers with 26 points and 6 assists, and put the nail in the coffin with just over a minute to play, as Portland hung on for a 101-94 victory in Phoenix.  After leading by as many as 17 in the second half, the Blazers went ice cold down the stretch and certainly kept the door open for the Suns.  Fortunately, they refused to step through and make it a nail-biter.

After Portland’s lead had been cut to 94-88, as they were in the midst of a 4 for 18 shooting slump, Roy beat the shot-clock buzzer with a 15-foot jumper over three Phoenix defenders.  The bucket made it a three-possession game and put the Suns away for good, ensuring Portland’s third win over the Suns already this season.  There are still 12 NBA teams the Blazers haven’t even played, yet they’ve already clinched the season series with Phoenix for the second-straight season.

We've become used to seeing the Blazer fight through very quiet offense stretches during the second halves of recent games, and this one was no different.  Not very often you can go 5:19 without a point, in the fourth quarter, and live to tell about it.  But, following eight consecutive misses, Portland’s lead had shrunk to 6, and they simply looked to be watching the clock and hoping to stall out a win.  Roy’s basket not only iced the game, but further helped this team, and Brandon himself, rebuild confidence.

But, this game was much more than just Roy.  Marcus Camby, who wasn’t a huge factor earlier in the week when the Blazers beat the Suns in Portland, was huge in this one.  Camby had 16 points and 18 rebounds, and provided the team with much-needed energy all night.  He ended up playing 34 minutes and looked ready to pass out after the game.

The team arrived in Phoenix at about 3:45 am following the win over Orlando on Thursday night, and Nate McMillan told me before the game he would need a huge effort from the bench to survive what was sure to be an up-and-down game in Phoenix.  As it turned out, Portland was forced to rely heavily on the starters and got only four field goals from the second unit.  The starters didn’t seem to mind, as they shot 55 percent in the game and not only got the 26 from Roy, and 16 from Camby, but also got 23 from LaMarcus Aldridge, and 16 from Wesley Matthews.  Andre Miller, who was the hero on Thursday, took only four shots in this game, but recorded 9 assists and 5 rebounds.

McMillan, and his staff, should be given some credit as well.  The defensive game plan against Phoenix worked like a charm again.  The Suns average over 110 points per game on the season, but were held under 100 points for the third time this season by the Blazers.  In the three games, the Suns have scored 92, 99, and 94 points.  Some try and run with this Phoenix team, while others, like the Blazers, try their best to slow them down.  No one has done it like Portland this year.

Okay, it didn’t hurt that Jason Richardson is going through a massive slump from the field.  He was 1 for 11 on Wednesday in their loss to Memphis, and went just 2 for 9 in this game, and missed all four of his three-point attempts.  Steve Nash was the only reason the Suns were able to hang around in this game, as he scored 24 points on 11 for 19 shooting.  As a team, the Suns shot 45 percent, and were just 3 for 14 from behind the arc.

To listen to McMillan’s post-game comments, click here.

Following the ugly six-game losing skid, the Blazers have now won four in a row.  Now, things get tough.  Sunday afternoon the Blazers take on the team with the best record in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs.  That’s followed by a game against the Grizzlies in Memphis, and then the trip wraps up in Dallas. 


  1. Great win, and impressive win. The Magic are overrated and not a championship contender in my opinion, but this win was more impressive. It was our first victory against a considerable opponent on the road, and the game I felt most nervous about. The Blazers quickly erased any nerve (yet, I didn't watch the last 5 minutes of the game since I had to leave). They played like a team, and even the bench unit, although not scoring, played great defense.

    Heat won as well, so that makes me happy. Especially since the LAKERS LOST (yeah I dont care about the Heat, but I love watching Laker fans cry after all the crap they gave LBJ).

    Hear this Blazer fans. We are going 4-0 on this road trip!!

    by Herr on 12/11/2010 12:01 AM
  2. What a win! I can't tell you how happy I am for the team!! I don't know if we can put a positive spin on the 6-game skid, but sometimes after going through a rut, we as fans can appreciate success a bit more and maybe, for the team, going through a bad stretch will drive them more to figure out what was wrong, play harder and try to carry that through, to make sure it never gets that bad again. Make sense? Eh, though I would give it a try.

    Yes, definitely glad J-Rich didn't go off, as he has against us in the past, so that did help for sure as you said Mike.

    So great that we seem to have the Suns number this year, 3-0 on the season already. It was good to see Brandon have a nice game as well and man 18 boards for Marcus, love it!

    Yes, the Spurs are gong to be a real test for us, but now that we have a nice little streak going into that game, I think if we keep the same attitude and effort, good things can happen.

    Great to see that we still have that back-to-back touch, as we did last season and if I am not mistaken I saw that we have 5 of these this month, so let's keep it up.


    by Anees on 12/11/2010 12:52 AM
  3. Mike: Thank you for the update.

    I thought this was better then the Orlando win only because it was in the Western Conferance and a road game.

    I thought the Blazers played great. I know SAS game is going to be rough, but we have had SAS number in the last couple of years and maybe that will continue.

    I am tickled pink that BRoy had a great game tonight.


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 1:46 AM
  4. Well well......Awesome game to watch..we played good team basketball. Spreading the ball around as well as the phoenix defense. Brandon Roy!!........He was Vintage :)..The drive to the hoop wasnt really there..but the little cross over fake you out of your shoes jumper and floaters were; Nice! Mathews had another solid game, and Camby's 18 rebounds and offensive punch was the difference in this game. We got tough few games ahead, Go Blazers!

    by whitefeather21380 on 12/11/2010 3:08 AM
  5. Mike:
    I know this is my second post, And I know I post to much, but I don't think we were in as much of a shooting slump as Phoenix was pushing hard to get the win as they knew they needed a win. Anytime you start pushing the issue whether it be Portland (six game losing streak) or the other team, it gets both teams out of rhythm. and that is delicate in Portland's young team. If you can stay calm as Portland did then you usually can pick your shot.

    Of course another factor was IMO, The Blazers were playing conservative BB and that again gets you out of your rhythm. In that respect, I agree with Rice and Antonio, you keep doing what got you the lead in the first place. If it worked for most of the game it will probably work for the remainder.

    This wasn't a case of who wanted it worst as we both desperately wanted a win. It was more of the case of great strategy and execution. which is both a Nate thing.

    I never was worried about the game, although I did notice when I left for work after the game I felt a relief and an inner glow of my team hanging together.

    Now on to San Antonio and keep playing like we did in the last four games then you won't have to remind us that we are approaching our second half melt down. We just need to stay tough and react positive to expected runs and adversities.

    We won't take a dive we will make it five!!!!!!!


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 8:43 AM
  6. hg: you don't post too much.

    Great to see Roy operating so smoothly and efficiently. Now if the second unit could get their act together we could be awesome. This is the same team that couldn't win over a week ago. This team can be really good but it is so much the mental attitude.

    by Ancientone on 12/11/2010 11:27 AM
  7. Ancientone:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Our mental attitude is the biggest concern. I don't feel there is a such thing as bad teams in the NBA, at any given time any team can beat the better team. It is often how we re-act to the win or loss that makes the difference.

    The Blazers has gotten in to a winning attitude and that makes lots of difference. That don't mean they won't lose to another team with a winning attitude, but at least for now they are on the right track.


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 12:01 PM
  8. It is so nice not to expect losses. Going into the Magic game, I expected a loss. I never felt that way last season. For whatever reason, I always expected the Blazers to win. I didn't feel like any team really had our number; there was always a chance. Now that the Blazers have come out big against a good team (ORL), sandwiched that with victories against a decent team (PHX) and beat up on a lousy team (LAC), I can risk the heavy heart of a defeat with my head held high.

    Still, this bench needs help. I am impressed and relieved that Roy put together a great night, but I maintain that his talent would be better suited to that rudderless 2nd unit. Nicolas Batum is not a leader. He is a very, very good role player, but he's not going to inspire a group of players the way Roy or Miller can. Likewise, WesMath is not a leader yet so putting him back on the bench wouldn't solve anything. I still think a Roy led bench would OWN, and shore up this sunken corner of the team.

    On a side note, I was just perusing the Free Agent class for 2011, and saw two of my favorite players on the unrestricted list: Nené Hilario and Shane Battier. Nené would fill the Oden void, and Battier could give us another solid SF. One of these would have to be a sign and trade because we don't have enough expiring contracts to simply scoop them up. For the curious, here's a link to ESPN's FA class...


    by 500Dogs on 12/11/2010 12:41 PM
  9. As long as teams double team Roy I think he should stay a starter. Also as long as he's on his shot we should play him more mins, rest when he's off his shot.

    It's been strange how recently Aldridge, Camby, and Dante have been off their shots. Not so much this last game, but LA has been off for a bit and though neither shoot a lot Camby and Dante when they get a jumper in their sweet spot it's usually money, but not lately. I'm sure that'll turn around though and only help the team.

    by mgb on 12/11/2010 2:50 PM
  10. Great Blog! Also a great win- it was especially nice on the road and on a back to back. Agree Spurs are going to be tough but as long as we play hard and don't have those long no score periods I think we have a chance.

    Very nice to see Roy look better- even nicer to hear about his approach- I am glad to hear the going full force ahead regardless approach is back!!

    Hoping for a postive road trip as it continues! Go Blazers!!

    by RedRudy5 on 12/11/2010 4:26 PM
  11. Some words about +/-...

    Looking at the team stats, I have been geeking out about +/- for the past three years. Some of the old-schoolers might remember when I first came around Barrett's Blog, I was curious about this stat, because then-rookie Nicolas Batum repeatedly led the team in this stat. He wasn't making an impact on any other part of the stat line, so I wanted to know what the heck it meant.

    Basically, it's a measurement of what the point differential was when a player came in and what it was when they were subbed out (Kass, the stat you cited was actually EFF, which is (Pts + Rebs + Asts + Stls + Blks) - (FGA - FGM) + (FT - FTM) + TOs = EFF). The validity of the +/- stat in measuring a player's impact is hotly debated because it fails to isolate the player, which is usually the point of measuring stats.

    What is interesting about this stat as it applies to the Blazers can be found here...


    Observing this table, the leaders shouldn't surprise anybody: LMA, Miller, and Roy. For the most part, there is a correlation between minutes played and +/-; the players that get the most time have the greatest chance to impact the score, or at least will inevitably have the opportunity to play with guys that can (give Marks enough time on the floor with LMA, and he'll start to look better). What is surprising are two players that seem to be the exceptions to this rule: Rudy Fernandez and Dante Cunningham.

    Rudy is the 4th best Blazer in +/- (+22), but has only played 372 minutes. This is 295 less than the player behind him, Marcus Camby. To those of us that have been watching most of the games, this seems ridiculous considering how great Camby has played vs. the spastic minutes Rudy has put in. Yet, the numbers speak for themselves; Rudy is making the most of his minutes. Would he do better with more? Maybe, maybe not. If I were McMillan, I'd keep him right where he's at: it's working. Unfortunately, Dante is not.

    Dante is clocking in at -27 for the season, and has had 389 minutes. How can another member of the same bench, getting the same minutes, have such a different impact? Either the stat is busted, or we're seeing a real problem in use. Dante's jumper hasn't been on target, but could that lead to such a skid in production? Last season, DC was +54 in 702 minutes.

    I think the difference between these two is time spent with starters (Rudy is usually an earlier sub), and poor leadership from the bench. Last season, the Blazers had Steve Blake and Jerryd Bayless running the bench unit with help from vets like Juwan Howard and Joel Przybilla. Joel is back, but otherwise the isn't a guy that I would call a leader coming off the bench. Dante's plunge in +/- might be a symptom of this greater problem...or +/- is bunk and I've wasted a heap of time researching it over the past three seasons. As with most advanced statistics, I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

    by 500Dogs on 12/11/2010 6:48 PM
  12. while the orlando win was the result of a total team effort, the phoenix win was very impressive or the never-say-die attitude this team has developed.

    Brandon looked like the Brandon of old, hitting shots from everywhere and showing he's still got it. a lot of people question Brandon's ability (especially all of those on tnt), but i get the feeling that, like Chris Paul, he'll be able to make any adjustments to his game and will be able to contribute as he has in the past. i think last night is evidence of that.

    Marcus was a monster on the boards and from the field. phoenix doesn't really have a true center right now with Lopez out, so there's no reason our starting center shouldn't be able to have a game like this. i was able to listen to the game and i recall a short stretch in the third quarter where all i seemed to hear was Wheels saying time and time again that Marcus had another rebound. there must of been four or five instances in that stretch alone. Marcus simply had the game of his season thus far.

    LaMarcus had a very solid game (sans a couple missed free throws). he shot above .500 (9-16 to be exact) and gave us the inside-out threat that has been so valuable to us this season. he had an off night shooting thursday night, but put in a very nice performance last night. Wesley was active, though 14 of his 16 points came in the second quarter. we could have really used some of that scoring during our fourth-quarter drought.

    i thought Dante hit a couple of very timely shots, Andre was solid and active all night, and Patty and Rudy gave us some solid minutes off the bench.

    it's great to see us win four straight and win the first of the road trip. this is going to be a rough trip with the games against the spurs and mavericks, but i think we should pick up one of those, and we've shown we can beat the grizzlies at their home, so i think we'll capture this game two. i see us as going 3-1 or, with some luck, 4-0 on this trip. i'd like to see us go above .500 by the end of the trip. we can do this!

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 12/11/2010 8:05 PM
  13. Kassandra:

    We are above 500 now. If we go two and two, we will be OK.

    We won't take a dive we will make it five.


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 8:55 PM
  14. hg: we only have three games left on the trip, so if we go 2-2 we'll end up 13-13; 3-1 would put us at 14-12 which would be a very good thing.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 12/11/2010 9:16 PM
  15. We are at 12-11 right now. if we win two more we will be 14-13 do the Math LOL.


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 9:24 PM
  16. Kassandra:

    Opps I see what you mean. I forgot we already played one so we do need to win two more.---My bad.


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 9:28 PM
  17. I was surprised again at the win, but felt pretty confident half-way through, when we hadn't let the Suns get above us, that we would likely pull one out. When the drought hit in the 4th, I got nervous, but was very glad to see the Suns also missing and not capitalizing. I love that the Blazers have proven me wrong three times now :)

    Brandon's game was really, really nice to see. I have to laugh at the "vintage" comments though, as if it's been years since we saw him play like that. Perhaps a more accurate and fair term would be "normal", lol. Anyway, if his interview with Freeman is any indication, Brandon is all done taking it easy, and we should be looking for him to assert himself, as he did last night. As long as the ISOs remain a smaller part of the offense, the defense stays focused, and Brandon plays the decoy roll with continued finesse, it should work out. Honestly, I would rather see two or three years of Brandon being Brandon than five or six of seeing him be a "shadow" of his former self.

    The bench is an issue. Hopefully, as Joel works back into the regular rotation on a consistent basis, it will work itself out. I think the lack of experience and the uncertainty is having an impact. Most games, we are going to need them to perform better than they did last night.

    So, the Spurs are playing a different style game, so us having their number in seasons past will likely not get us far. I think most should look for a good game, but not expect a W here. Same with Dallas, unless the Mavs keep their streak going until we meet them (in which case, they will be ripe for a loss! - we are the 5th game of a 6-game home stand for them, which btw, had NO B2Bs.......WTH???). I don't want to underrate what the team is doing right now, but these two teams are just playing amazing ball right now, and most of the time, it's been against worthy opponents. I do think we can and probably will beat Memphis now though (they won tonight and we are there first game home after a 4-game road trip = let down game!).

    Go Blazers!

    by EowynAmarie on 12/11/2010 9:46 PM
  18. Eowyn Amarie:

    You know, I have no idea how good or how bad the Blazers are.

    They can play great and win or play great and lose. They even win some when they play bad.

    I don't worry so much about if we win or lose, Of course I love the W because that is what it is all about.

    After that 6 game skid, I just hope for a good game and no major let down.

    I know we are capable of beating anybody in the NBA, that includes SAS and Dallas. I don't know that we are that good, but we are capable.


    by Hg on 12/11/2010 9:59 PM
  19. Mike, last night you talked about stepping on the throat early. And I think that's what caused us to lose a few of our games in the 6 game losing streak.

    I find it weird, our last ugly game was against the Clippers. Granted we won, but it was still fairly ugly. The next was a test against the Suns, Magic, and Suns again. If you look at who we lost to since our 5 day break, they're all mediocre teams at best, besides maybe New Orleans, who I still don't think we respect as a team, and that's what I'm getting at.

    You notice a lot of teams lose games they shouldn't, or barely survive games they shouldn't, because of lack of... as you say... respect. You see it doesn't completely surprise me if we go out one night, lose at home to the Clippers or Washington (the two teams without a road win), and then go out and beat a team like Boston or the Lakers. If you remember our road trip in the East, we played a convincing game in Boston, but then lost our next game against Washington.

    The Blazers need to play with more energy and more respect. Look at the Lakers, having an embarrassing record because they lack the respect of their opponents. They finally play a decent game against Chicago (but still falling short, got to love it) because they have an opponent that is actually a challenge.

    Now the Blazers on the other hand are going against the Spurs. Blazers are 12-11. Spurs are 19-3. Will the Spurs show us the respect? Will the Blazers show the respect?

    I say both do, and I think it'll be a great game. I see Blazers winning tomorrow though, and honestly will be surprised if we do not beat the Spurs tomorrow night. A big test for LaMarcus tomorrow.

    by Herr on 12/11/2010 11:39 PM
  20. This was very impressive for the blazers to hold on to this game. It was one thing to blow a double digit to a team like Utah but when they blew huge leads against sub .500 teams, I was wondering how they would handle this type of run from a more quality team like the Suns. Let's hope this momentum continues to carry over the rest of this road trip. If they can get a split on this trip, I'll take it. They still have a tough schedule the rest of the month but after that, their schedule eases up. Let's hope they can get through this stretch so they can finish the season strong.

    by blazerdarren77 on 12/12/2010 12:39 AM
  21. Herr,

    I would be surprise if we beat the Spurs. Not saying we can't do it, but that is a tough place to get a win for any team. I do agree we get up for good teams while we play down to bad teams level. That is something we've done for a long time.

    by mgb on 12/12/2010 1:46 AM
  22. 500dogs,

    Ya, since +/- doesn't take in to account what the other 4 players are doing it can be very misleading. A player might have played terrible and gave up 6 points while they were in, but as long as the rest of the players scored 8 points more than that he would have a plus 2. Stats never tell the whole story and any stat can be misleading. Per is a good stat to go by, but it doesn't take everything into account so some player might have a low per, but be a good player.

    by mgb on 12/12/2010 1:49 AM
  23. It is very simple...when this Blazer team plays well, good things happen whether it be on the road or at home. There is talent no matter how you slice it, but the big key is consistant play and consistant ball movement which they have done in the last few games!!!! If they keep up what they are doing, nothing but good things will happen...trust me on this! GO BLAZERS!!!!

    peace out,

    by daddylogan on 12/12/2010 2:51 AM
  24. Herr:

    I have been saying what you said for years. We don't always lose to the bad teams, but we very seldom blow them out. We have to take into the account though that low seeded teams are not always as bad as the record shows; therefore you give them a sliver of hope and they can become monsters. We have seen the Blazers play lots better then they are in many occasions because the get cranked up for some reason.

    There also has been many of occasions when lower seed teams after beating the Blazers goes on a tear to the point that I say to myself, hey losing to them wasn't as bad as I thought it was. So maybe we are just being good Samaritans LOL.

    Long Short, I agree with you whole heartedly. That is why I am always saying the win isn't nearly as important as playing the game to win opposed to playing the game not to lose as often is the cause of our fourth quarter melt down.

    It is often true that you can put the pedal to the mettle to quick and get burned out, or because other teams has a tendency to coast then pour it on in the final quarter. Would Portland ever be guilty of that LOL?

    Anyway as being fans we have to accept the up and downs of the team since we can't control them and take into account that the season is a marathon and most teams will coast if given a chance and pay for it many times. That is the only times I bark at BRoy, I feel there is many games and many quarters early in the season when he is just dogging it and blames it on to his injury, fatigue or timing especially if he is getting lots of attention from opposing teams.

    Opps, Ancientone just gained another pound LOL


    by Hg on 12/12/2010 4:02 AM
  25. Seeing Brandon play for once by making buckets in the flow of the game is what we need more of from him. There are some who believe Roy can do no wrong. If he was caught sodomizing a goat in his backyard, it would just be pointed to as proof for his love for animals. When he isn't forcing shots but lets the game come to him, he can be a steadying influence for this team. If we truly want to upgrade our roster let's see if we can get some trade value for G.O. while there still is a shred of doubt about his durability. Speaking of durability, let's hope the folks at Vulcan aren't contemplating trading Andre Miller any time soon. I can picture that think tank huddled with forefinger and pinkies on each others' temples while performing a Vulcan mind -meld. Damn it man! You're computer geeks not basketball czars.

    by Phi Slamma on 12/12/2010 7:47 AM
  26. Hg, I don't think there are any teams in this league that are bad (except the Lakers hehe).

    After watching the Philly vs Boston game on Thursday, that game seemed like a playoff game. Philly vs Boston going down to a game winner.

    No team is as bad as their record shows, and that's the truth. Clippers seem to always give the Lakers problem, after nearly winning already this season and nearly blowing them out (but they won) last season.

    A lot of people look at records and judge a team based off that. However, at the start of the season people expected the Clippers and Nets to compete for playoff spots. Looks like both are going to be fighting for 14th seed in their conference. (is it just me, or do the Nets tank their seasons?)

    Just how we all know Portland isn't a .500 team. And it's why I look at tonights game and think we have great chances against SAS based on our success over the past two years against them and how both teams are fairly similar or have only added pieces (I do not believe we had Camby last season when we played the Spurs.)

    I predict we win a close one today. 97-92. Game better be good. Not often do I wake up at this time of day... especially on a weekday!

    by Herr on 12/12/2010 8:50 AM
  27. Herr:

    The only thing I can predict is SAS will play tough because we are one of two teams that swept them last year.

    I have no idea which of the Portland teams will show up, but I do feel it will be the competitive one. Therefore like you I woke up thinking and getting excited about the game.




    by Hg on 12/12/2010 9:15 AM
  28. okay well, the game against the spurs just ended and didn't turn out how we would have wished. we just seemed to come out a bit flat and most of the guys just never seemed to get into the flow of the game.

    the spurs benefited from some whistles and took 26 free throws to our 11. that could have been a determining factor in the game.

    Marcus only took seven shots, but made five and seemed to really be active out there. he had 11 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. if we were to give a game ball, Marcus would be the recipient.

    LaMarcus shot 8-14 and, in my opinion, we should have gone through him more than we did. he looked good through much of the game. Joel played hard (though not hard enough to draw the flagrant) and did a lot of the things we're used to seeing him do.

    i think most of us knew it would be rough going against the spurs, who have the best record in the league. it hurts to drop this, but we can regroup against memphis and continue this road trip on a good note.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 12/12/2010 4:39 PM
  29. The hustle and defense I expected wasn't there, but I'd just like to note that this game would have been much more a game had the officials been fair. Every time the camera was on Nate he looked like he was disgusted in the officiating crew. I don't blame him. They didn't cost us the game, but I just don't get how they were able to miss so many things courtside when I'm sitting miles away in a computer chair watching from a camera that's about at the 300 level and I was able to see it.

    I just don't get it, in football the refs can see everything, and normally make good calls. Yet, in basketball, when it's clear cut obvious, these are never called. Yet people question biased officiating... makes me concerned of the intelligence of our species.

    by Herr on 12/12/2010 5:47 PM
  30. San Antonio is a contender.they are playing championship b-balll.and with Parker healthy the WILL challenge the Lakers and Dallas.
    We just got outplayed by a better team today,Untill the fourth, we were in it most the way,but couldn't get over the hump.
    I'm not one to blame the refs because the aggressor always gets the calls.Today that was the Spurs.

    I think Pendy mad a good point on Talkin Ball.He said when Broy plays point with the second unit, he slows down our speed it up ,run ad gun game.

    by DowntownVinnie on 12/13/2010 8:13 AM
  31. I thought the first unit actually played pretty well. As I said previously, we are going to need our second unit to step up and contribute, which they just did not do. I also heard Pendy's comments, and had to laugh at them, as they seemed so accurate, and should be clear evidence of just exactly why Roy is not suited to come off the bench or lead the 2nd unit at all. I think Nate is testing him out there, as PG and leader of the 2, to see if his contingency plan of Roy coming off the bench in the 2nd half of games would help or hinder them. Looks like it would not help at all, based on the small sample size.

    We forced the Spurs back into a half-court game (they have been running and scoring this season) and took Timmy, Tony, and Jefferson out of their games. As usual though, an uncharacteristic scoring option appeared, this time being Hill. Has anyone else noticed that we get destroyed by the inability to defend the 3-point line when it's got a hot shooter behind it? The refs didn't help much, but I try not to expect them to most of the time anyway. I think the Blazers would be well-served to just walk into every game expecting to NOT get the calls, and play to that. They seem to get really distracted by the missed calls when they start piling up. Anyway, I didn't expect a win here, but look forward to tonight's game against Memphis :)

    by EowynAmarie on 12/13/2010 8:48 AM
  32. If you shoot less than 40%, no spring in your step, and your 2nd unit missed the bus you aren't going to win many. So much for the confidence builder at Phoenix.

    by Ancientone on 12/13/2010 9:12 AM
  33. Me watching the game was like the Blazers playing the game. Oh Hum, this is not much fun.

    I didn't know if we were playing that bad or if SAS was playing that good, but either way all the missed shots was surely going to spell trouble.

    when Portland is pushed out of their comfort zone they are lousy at scoring. Of course I don't have the answer to that but that has been the problem in all our losses and droughts. Nate saying we got to make our shots is fine, but we are not so what is plan B and plan C. More of the same?

    I am not bitter, maybe jealous because I feel that SAS is the superior team. and they played with the aggressiveness that I wished Portland could sustain more often. It was as if to say we are going to lose so why put in the extra effort.

    Anyway if was not a great game, it was not fun to watch and I missed the Portland Zest.

    We may win tonight as our players will have room to shoot, but we don't have to worry about playing down to the Grizzles level because we are close to being equal.

    I am still looking forward to the game. As a fan, I like all the B2B's because I get to watch them more often.


    by Hg on 12/13/2010 10:09 AM
  34. Long time I don't come here ><

    well, I guess losing to Spurs it's not that big deal, the blowout was a big deal, indeed.

    Still, I'm happy about the team, they had 3 W in a row (since the last time I came here to this blog), and I see things getting a flow now.

    More 38 victories to 50 \o/

    by Tiago Torigoe on 12/13/2010 11:14 AM
  35. Maybe Nate's Offense doesn't exactly instill confidence in shooters..........Just a thought..........Let 'em run ,baby !

    by DowntownVinnie on 12/13/2010 4:43 PM
  36. Great win! I just wish they would mix up the offense some and run it some!

    by Rob Schaper on 12/13/2010 6:17 PM
  37. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    by thedanman on 12/13/2010 8:51 PM
  38. I can understand 78 against the Spurs, but 73 against the Memphis?

    by mgb on 12/13/2010 9:18 PM
  39. would've loved to have seen pryz guard randolph more. joel needed dante's 19min and not just 8.

    i don't understand what is going on with nic. he should have been all over conley and vasquez.

    i don't have the answers, but i hope they figure it out. brandon did not have the power tonight.

    as i always say, having a 4/5 combo type would have been great. zach isn't really that good.

    by reverse on 12/13/2010 10:23 PM
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