Oct 04

The first week of training camp is always hectic around these parts, which is why we didn't get around to recording a podcast last Thursday. Sorry about that. But Dave Deckard, he of, and I, Casey Holdahl of, wanted to get in at least one more podcast before the start of the preseason, so we took to the studio today to crank out about 35 minutes of talky-talk, which you'll hopefully be able to find time for before the Trail Blazers host the Clippers tomorrow at the Rose Garden.

This week Dave and I look at some of the lineups we might see during the preseason, consider what life would be like if Marcus Camby were forced to sit out games, like he will do Tuesday against the Clippers. I gush for a while about Wesley Matthews, both Dave and I consider what is at stake this season for Jerryd Bayless and then we wrap up by describing what we're looking forward to seeing out of the first preseason contest. Might be a good way to get geared up for tomorrow's game. Count it!

October 4 Podcast

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  1. Clippers are loading up on us.
    Kaman, Griffin, and Gomes front line? And you knoe that big monster DeAndreJordan is gonna cause ruckus all year for the Clips.
    Good thing it's just preseason, Lamarcus and Pendergraph are gonna have their hands full.

    by Tobyus Sanchezo on 10/4/2010 10:50 PM
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