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La Familia Glossary

  1. Written by: trailblazers

    MSP Vernacular. La Familia Glossary of Terms.

    Body. Chad’s original nickname, stemming from his days as an amateur body builder. He competed in the division that emphasized thin physiques with little to no muscle.

    Cereeeeeeeebral. One day, a fan said Justin Roper is going to be good because he’s cerebral. Sorta grew from there.

    Champ ass. Thanks to Petros for this one. Perfect backside.

    Check mark. What happens on the grease board when an MSP Boy messes up. Chad usually has the most.

    C.I.P. Chad in Portland. Doing’s alternate nickname. Originated by going on the Rome show and coming on as Chad in Portland. We shortened it.

    Constituent. A listener of the program. One who is represented by The Champ.

    Dbag. Douche bag.

    Delish. Something that’s cool or hot.

    Dime. Female-perfect 10.

    Domesticated. State one is in after drinking a sufficient number of light and domestics (American light beers).

    Fanmanship. Qualities that reflect somebody’s status as a fan.

    Fellowship. Communicating and hanging out with friends.

    Jobber. A guy with nothing special about him. Punches the clock, gets paid, goes home. Not a difference maker.

    Knowledge bomb. A blast of profound information expressed on The MSP.

    K bomb. Knowledge bomb. Originated by Rick “k-bomb” Kamla of NBA TV.

    La Familia. Derivative of the Sports Saturday Family which became the Portland Sports Family.

    Light and Domestics. American light beer.

    Meat & Greet.  Example..."just going out with the fellas tonight, try to meet some ladies, maybe have a little meat & greet".

    Msp Boyz. Dawson, Doing, and Lamartina. Derivative of the D Boyz at UO.

    Newbear. Former La Familia cohost. Now lives in So-cal, writes for, and joins the show sometimes.

    Nate-king of Corvallis-Gorman. Former Sports Saturday cohost. Now lives in Houston and works for the man.

    People’s Champ. Name Gavin Dawson was given for being down with the home teams, unlike the jobber media members.

    Phone Screena. Former hot intern of La Familia.

    Por Vida. For life, as in La Familia for Life.

    Richard. Dick.

    Ring of honor. La Familia’s Hall of Fame.

    Roach. Loser.

    Shell casing. Empty Coors Light can.

    Situation. A person’s genital region.

    Socializing. Intimate relations.

    Square-alatin. Suburban neighborhoods in Tualatin, Oregon. Temp home of the Champ.

    Stuffer. Originates from a bad car one would acquire for temporary purposes. Is now applied to most things that are substandard.

    Timmy “the man” Mones. Original Producer during genesis of La Familia.

    Trickin off. Thanks to Ray Buchanan. Not in context of prostitution, more like messing up, slippin, being faulty.

    V. Our way of calling a player soft…or a *ussy if you will.

    Zanger. Original member of the Sports Saturday Family a.k.a. La Familia. Dawson, Newbear, Doing, Zanger.


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