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Around The World: March 27

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    March 27 Video: Trail Blazers Courtside

    Trail Blazers: Preview: Trail Blazers vs Thunder
    "The first-time All-Star finished with a season-high 39 points in a 111-107 overtime loss on Feb. 6 in the Thunder's lone visit to Portland this season. However, it was a goaltending call on Aldridge -- one the league later called incorrect -- on Durant's layup attempt with six seconds left in regulation that got the most attention."

    Trail Blazers: Trail Blazers Capitalize On Rare Practice Opportunity
    “I don’t mind the less practice honestly. [laughs] It’s definitely needed. I think a lot of times people don’t realize how important it is. Especially for a team like us, new head coach, bringing new guys in, it’s definitely important, getting the rhythm to play with each other offensively and defensively. Today was a good day coming off a good win. It wasn’t too intense, but it was to the point where we were in and out real quick so we can save our bodies for tomorrow’s game.”

    Oregon Live: Thunder (37-12) at Trail Blazers (23-26)
    "Aldridge had three blocks Sunday to increase his career total to 421, one shy of tying Arvydas Sabonis for ninth all-time in franchise history"

    Oregon Live: Former assistant coach Tim Grgurich makes guest-coaching appearance with Trail Blazers
    “Whenever you have somebody like Grg around, he’s a legend, you know what I mean?” Crawford said. “His wisdom is much-needed, and we can all learn from him no matter how long we’ve been around the game. He’s won championships, he was in Dallas last year, he was in Seattle all those years. He’s just giving us ideas, giving us thoughts.”

    Oregon Live: Grgurich in town to ‘support’ Blazers
    “Coach is here just to support me, support the team,” said Canales, adding that Grgurich would only be there for a couple days and would not be sitting on the team’s bench. “I have a real close relationship with him. He’s always been a mentor and he’s just here for support.”

    Blazersedge: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers Preview
    "Shooting guard Daequan Cook is out for the Thunder with a knee injury. Portland point guard Raymond Felton is out for personal/family reasons. That's going to make matching up with Russell Westbrook a tall order. The Blazers don't have Gerald Wallace to throw against Durant, nor Marcus Camby to match up with Kendrick Perkins. Only home heart, sterling shooting, and a little luck will give the Blazers a prayer in this game. One can't help but think how different this is than early in the year when we expected every contest between these teams would be a knock-down, drag-out battle...and it usually was."

    Freakonomics: You Don’t Need to Be Bad to be Good in the NBA
    "But if you are close – like the Blazers were – your best bet is to find one or two more players that will get you into the promise land. Based on the data, giving away one of your most productive players for the hope of something better is simply not a very good strategy. And given what we see from the history of “excellent” teams, the Blazers – if they are reduced to a team that is not good enough to win 40 games in 2012-13 – are now that much further from finding excellence (and making Henry Abbott happy)."

    Ball Don't Lie: Days of NBA Lives: Wherein Nolan Smith speaks truth to the NCAA
    "Truth be told- NCAA scholarship checks don't do a thing for us for real! We cant work! It's 24 hours devoted to School and Basketball!"

    Ball Don't Lie: Videos: Chicks dig the long ball: Marcus Camby and Paul George connect from way downtown
    "On one hand, I get it, referees. The rules of the NBA clearly state that field goals attempted after time expires cannot be counted if made. Since the ball wasn't out of Marcus Camby's hand before the end of the third quarter of the Houston Rockets' matchup with the Sacramento Kings on Monday night, the basket has to be waved off, because the law is the law, and if we don't abide by it, there'll be anarchy. Fair enough. On the other, though, Camby has made 16 three-pointers in more than 15 years as an NBA player, and he just found paydirt on what looked to be about an 85-footer. In situations like that, you should be able to give him at least one point, and perhaps even 1.5 points. It'd be the charitable thing to do, I think, especially in this season of giving (wait, it's not December? Lousy Smarch weather in Brooklyn)."

    Ball Don't Lie: Memphis probably doesn’t have to worry about losing its Grizzlies
    "Memphis residents needn't be worried, as it turns out. Ellison certainly has the cash in hand to buy the Grizzlies, but he'd have to toss out a whole lot more in order to purchase the team and move them to California, mainly because of rather strident lease laws the city of Memphis smartly put on the Grizzlies. Once you factor in the NBA's relocation fees, and the actual price of the team, it could cost Ellison up to $600 million to purchase and move the Grizz; and even with that there's no guarantee that a local court would allow the move, should Memphis put up a fight."

    Ball Don't Lie: Videos: Brandon Knight gets a sideline shower, then Rodney Stuckey knocks down the game-winner
    "Howard Fendrich of The Associated Press called Knight's fourth-quarter launch "the aesthetic highlight" of the Pistons' 79-77 road win over the Washington Wizards on Monday night. That tells you a little bit about the quality of play in a game that saw the two teams post significantly-sub-Charlotte Bobcats rates of offensive efficiency, miss 94 of 154 field-goal attempts (including 23 of 30 three-point attempts) and combine for more turnovers (34) than assists (33)."

    DIME: Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 3.27
    "Paul Pierce blasted the Bobcats with 36 points, 10 rebounds, four assists, three steals, three blocks and a three-pointer last night. He shot 50 percent (10-20) from the field and 83 percent (15-18) from the free-throw line, and had four turnovers. Since March 2, Pierce has averaged 22.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.2 steals, 0.5 blocks and 1.7 threes, while shooting 47 percent from the field and 87 percent from the charity stripe. Those are top 15 averages."

    SLAM via RMC Sport: Tony Parker Likes the Spurs’ Chances of Winning a Title
    "Our goal is to win a championship. Tim Duncan and I haven’t got a lot of time left. The Spurs made the right moves by signing Stephen Jackson, Boris Diaw and Patty Mills. We have a complete team now. We know we can beat everybody in the West, we proved it by beating OKC two times already. Winning another title is something we can do this year."

    SLAM: Post-Up: Power Outage
    "Apparently playing four overtimes one night and then another road game the next doesn’t faze the Utah Jazz. Kudos to them for that, as they hung tough in the Western Playoff race by dispatching of the free-falling Nets. Paul Millsap (24 points, 13 rebounds) and Al Jefferson (19 points, eight rebounds) dominated up front, making Kris Humphries’ night completely miserable. Hump was 0-6 with 2 points. New Jersey didn’t do much around him to help, either, shooting 36 percent as a team, including 3-10 for MarShon Brooks (10 points). The most energy the Nets got came from two unsurprising sources—Deron Williams, who put up 17 points and 11 dimes, and high-flyer Gerald Green, who scored 20 points and delivered one of his now-patented sky-walking alley oop finishes."

    SLAM via Star Tribune: Michael Beasley Had to Wear Kevin Love’s Shoes Due to Sprained Toe
    “So who says nobody on the Timberwolves can fill Kevin Love’s shoes? Michael Beasley did in a 117-100 victory over Denver on Sunday, when he borrowed a pair of Love’s size-19 sneakers because his sprained big toe was too swollen to fit comfortably into his own. ‘He’s got a fat foot,’ Beasley said. ‘He’s like a triple E or something.’"

    ESPN: East finals: Bulls beat Heat 54% to 46%.
    "Too high. Perhaps this is reductive, but: I'm weary of favoring the team that lost in five games the last time this series was played. And this isn't like Dallas-OKC, because the teams are fundamentally the same as last year."

    Oregon Live: NBA High-5: Rockets hang onto playoff position despite their many health woes
    “I’m fine,” Dragic said. “It just hurts when you twist it, and then it’s OK. It’s going to be a little bit sore tomorrow, but it’s just a minor sprain. Tomorrow is going to be a huge game. It’s going to be payday. We have to win that, especially with what they did two days ago.”


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