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Around The World: March 26

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    March 26 Video: Trail Blazers 90, Warriors 87 Video: Ray Felton Post-Game Interview Video: LaMarcus Aldridge Post-game Interview

    DIME: Nate McMillan Takes Out A Full-Page Ad To Thank Portland
    "A very class move by someone who just lost their job. With moves like this and his experience, expect Nate McMillan to be a head coach in this league in the near future."

    Trail Blazers: Trail Blazers Win Thriller Over Warriors
    “I had missed so many easy shots all night, I felt like my time was coming. The odds had to even up,” Aldridge said. “I just tried to take him in as far as I could, they came to double and I went to the baseline, and I made it. I’ve shot that shot so many times, so it feels easy to just shoot it.”

    Trail Blazers: Let A Joel Przybilla Smile Be Your Umbrella
    "I'm trying to take things not as serious," said Przybilla. "Trying to go out there, continue to play hard, do the right things and just have fun with it… I feel in a good mood, but maybe someone elbows me in the back and puts me in a bad mood. You never know."

    Trail Blazers: Felton Keys Victory Over Warriors
    "As much as it looked like Aldridge saved Portland's bacon on this night, it was actually Raymond Felton who unlocked the cell time and time again, and let this team out of jail. Felton, in his most complete game of the season, scored 24 points (on 9 of 17 shooting), dished out seven assists, and committed just one turnover. He also led the team in hustle plays on this night, getting a hand on several loose balls, and popping two rebounds loose that the Blazers went on to recover."

    Trail Blazers: Recent Close-Game Success Boosts Portland's Morale
    “I don’t know our record over the last six games with 5-points or less, but it’s a lot better, I’m sure. I think we’re getting more comfortable,” Jamal Crawford said. “We have a clear plan of what we’re doing at the end. Even if you look, the other team at the end couldn’t even get a clean shot off. We were switching and we knew exactly what we were doing. And that’s all it takes sometimes. It shows you can win in any situation.”

    Oregon Live: Portland 90, Golden State 87: Raymond Felton and LaMarcus Aldridge answer the doubters on this night
    "Ray stepped up and made big shots for us," guard Wesley Matthews said. "He never lost his confidence. We never lost confidence in him."

    Oregon Live: Blazers Insider: It's time to shed hopes, get a look at the future
    "That's why Sunday's victory was so painful from a development standpoint. With a loss to Golden State, the Blazers would have fell behind the Warriors in the standings by virtue of a tie-breaker, making it a virtually impossible five-team hurdle to make the playoffs. As early as Tuesday against Oklahoma City we could be seeing Smith go against Russell Westbrook, and Flynn flying by Derek Fisher."

    Columbian: The call that may have changed a season
    “You can’t ask me that. You can never ask me that,” Batum said. “If I made the layup on the other end of the floor, we would have won.”

    Columbian: Blazers Hold Off Warriors, 90-87
    “I can score if I have to, but if I don’t need to, we’ve got enough scorers. Guys weren’t hitting their shots — it happens like that sometimes,” said Felton, who knocked three 3-pointers in the final period. “It felt good. It’s just good to get a win.”

    Portland Tribune: Felton's the man as Blazers overhaul Warriors
    “Look at the kid, Jenkins,” Felton said of the Warriors’ 6-3 point guard, who was making his 10th start of the season. “Our game plan tonight was to make him shoot. He made us pay. My hat is off to him. He had a terrific game. But we showed a lot about our team, the fight we’re going to have for the rest of the season. That’s the way we’re going to play.”

    Rip City Project: Game 49 Recap: Blazers 90, Warriors 87
    "Those that are pro tanking will no doubt notice and mention that by winning this game Portland failed to jump up another Lottery place, and that these Blazers can’t even lose games right. I get that train of thought. I understand the importance of getting a couple more ping pong balls. But I feel like losing on purpose isn’t a real thing and won’t actually make that much difference. I prefer effort and some level of execution. Even if that means a couple of wins. Even if that means Portland draws the 11th pick and not the 6th or 7th."

    Blazersedge: Portland Trail Blazers 90, Golden State Warriors 87 Recap: Felton and Babbitt Outshoot the W's for the W
    "In the final stanza, as if they had forgotten everything that led them there, the Blazers went back to bombing outside. The Warriors did too, but they also salted in some rim attacks and put-backs. The game looked more and more in doubt as the period progressed. Then Raymond Felton lit a rocket, tied his shorts strings to it, and shot to the moon. The guy who couldn't hit a three-pointer all season to save his grandma's fuzzy cat busted three between the six and two minute marks of the period. And they were solid. Still, Golden State wasn't going to get beaten by long balls. They drained their shots too and had Portland down 87-86 with 40 seconds remaining. This is when another miracle occurred. Despite the constant three-point shooting (and the surprising makes) when the possession really counted the Blazers fed LaMarcus Aldridge. Felton's fiery streak kept his man from sticking with the double team and Aldridge canned a turn-around to put Portland up. A final near-miracle sealed the deal as Portland played astonishingly tight defense after Golden State inbounded the ball down 3 with 20 seconds left in the game, forcing a horrible shot by Jenkins. The Blazers win 90-87."

    Blazersedge: Media Row Report: Blazers 90, Warriors 87
    "I told the guys that's the only clip we're going to watch tomorrow during film and corrections," Canales said. "I thought the defense, especially those last possessions, was phenomenal. Our communication was great and I thought we got after it... I thought the last possession, we had a great defensive stop."

    Oregon Live: NBA High-5: With or without Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls just keep on winning
    "Typically, if you go without the previous season's MVP for long stretches, you struggle, but the Bulls continue to win, Rose or no Rose. On Saturday, they beat Toronto in overtime, then at the end of the night, after all the games were in and all the math was done, the NBA sent out a note with its standings -- the Bulls, at 40-10, had clinched a playoff berth with 16 games remaining."

    Ball Don't Lie: Tim Duncan missed Sunday night’s Spurs game because he’s ‘old,’ officially
    "For a team so bent on staid traditions and super-boring wins after wins after wins for decades, those San Antonio Spurs sure do boast a good dry sense of humor. The NBA's brand of Dick Cavett tipped off an entire season with a ha-ha Hack-a-Shaq, and they've made a point to poke fun at former Spurs Brent Barry and Robert Horry when those sturdy veterans needed a night off from the grind of the 82-game season. Stuck in the middle of a quick fire 66-game season, with little room for old legs to recover, playing in the last of a back-to-back-to-back three-day run, the Spurs rested Tim Duncan in the team's 93-76 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night. The reason? He's old."

    Ball Don't Lie: If the Lakers play it off correctly, Kobe Bryant’s strange ‘benching’ can help the team
    "Mike Brown was principled in his work on Sunday night, and Bryant was the consummate professional in biting his lip while declining to make some bratty, passive/aggressive statement following his time spent off the court. The Lakers aren't exactly in a deep, dark place right now, but this can help. Getting this sort of thing out of the way a month before the playoffs hit could be nearly as significant a move for this team as acquiring a firebrand like Sessions."

    Ball Don't Lie: Video: Kendrick Perkins kind of kicks Dwyane Wade in the face after dunking
    "I mean, Kendrick Perkins' right foot definitely hit the face of Dwyane Wade after this fourth-quarter dunk during the Oklahoma City Thunder's convincing 103-87 primetime win over the visiting Miami Heat. On that score, we can certainly all agree. So if your definition of a kick is "when one person's foot makes contact with another person's body, especially in an adversarial situation/environment," then sure, this could be characterized as a kick. Judging by his reaction to the play, it seems fair to say that Wade views it that way; as someone whose face thankfully (thus far) has remained untouched by Kendrick Perkins' feet, it probably wouldn't be fair for me to say that Dwyane's feelings are invalid."

    DIME: Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 3.26 (Weekend Recap)
    "Kevin Love was a monster this past weekend, averaging 40.5 points, 17.5 boards, 2.0 assists, 1.5 steals, 2.0 blocks and 4.0 threes in two games. In this stretch, he shot 59 percent from the floor and 83 percent from the free-throw line, and averaged 2.0 turnovers per game. Love has asserted himself as the clear-cut No. 4 fantasy basketball player in the NBA, and should be viewed as such in next season’s drafts."

    SLAM: Post-Up: Sunday Funday
    "You know what’s probably not fun on the third night of a back-to-back-to-back? Playing 4 overtimes. And yet the Hawks did just that, and eventually outlasted the Jazz for the epic win. It was the first 4-OT game in 15 years and ties the third-longest game in NBA history. Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin apparently didn’t care about that—he played all five of his starters 50+ minutes. The crazy box score is worth the click. Seven players on each side scored in double figures, with Joe Johnson’s 37 topping the list. Josh Smith added 22 points and 10 rebounds and Zaza Pachulia grabbed a career-high 20 rebounds to go with his 15 points as the Hawks won their fourth straight game. Al Jefferson (28 points, 17 rebounds) and Paul Millsap (25 and 13) both had big games for Utah before inevitably fouling out in the extended overtime periods. Perhaps the wildest part about this game’s result is that the Jazz had the final possession four straight times and yet couldn’t put the ball in the basket on any one of those occasions, dropping to 26-23 on the year."

    ESPN: Power Rankings
    "The Kaleb Canales story is a fairy tale to us -- since we haven't seen too many NBA head coaches from Mrs. Line's alma mater (UT-Arlington) -- but I can understand rabid Blazermaniacs might not see it that way. The deep-pocketed Paul Allen's team is run by an interim coach and an interim GM (Chad Buchanan)?"


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