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Around The World: June 8

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    June 8

    Trail Blazers: 2011 Mock Draft Database Video: June 6 Workout Kenneth Faried Video: June 6 Workout Jon Diebler

    Oregon Live: NBA draft 2011: Should the Trail Blazers draft Kenneth Faried?
    "With solid rebounding and the ability to accumulate steals and blocks, the biggest question about Faried is his offense. Faried’s offensive statistics don't jump off the page, averaging 14.8 points per game and shooting 56.9 percent from the field, but these are numbers very comparable to those of Jerome Kersey. The Blazers drafted Kersey with the No. 46 overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. Kersey played at Longwood, which was actually Division II back in the early 1980s when he was there. Kersey has statistics remarkably similar to Faried, averaging 57.0 percent from the field, scoring 17 points per game, getting a rebound every 2.6 minutes, and a steal or block every 7.7 minutes."

    Oregon Live: NBA draft 2011: Should the Trail Blazers draft Darius Morris?
    "Morris has improved dramatically since high school and may be the most improved player in college basketball. NBA executives tend to love big point guards, and Morris is the biggest true point guard in the draft. That was noticeable the second we walked in the gym. Morris is a legit 6-foot-5 in shoes. He has broad shoulders and has a power game that's reminiscent of a young Andre Miller."

    Ball Don't Lie: Dirk Nowitzki battles the flu, leads his Mavs to a Finals-tying win
    "Nowitzki's line of 21 points and 11 rebounds wasn't anywhere near his all-time best, but considering the circumstances, this may have been his finest moment as a pro. Nowitzki sweated his way through a case of the flu, and a 102-degree fever in the win. After initial struggles, he managed to spin his way toward 10 tough fourth quarter points as the Mavericks overcame a nine-point fourth quarter deficit. Nowitzki was clearly gassed throughout, and once word leaked at halftime that he was playing through that fever, Dallas' hopes seemed dim as Dirk missed jumper after jumper. But somehow, a gutty, determined Mavericks team hung on."

    Ball Don't Lie: LeBron James has a bad Game 4, admits as much
    " columnist Gregg Doyel caused a hubbub when he suggested LeBron was shrinking from the moment after Game 3, but this Game 4 performance was very different in that LeBron looked passive instead of just acting in deference to his teammates. James hasn't been particularly good as a scorer in the Finals, which stands in sharp contrast to his performances against the Bulls in the last round. But not scoring is fine if a player is still involved at the offensive end, and LeBron only touched the ball on 12 of his team's 20 fourth quarter possessions (via Zach Lowe)."

    The Basketball Jones: Kemba Walker is dancing up the draft board
    "While Kemba Walker cut his teeth playing on the courts in New York City, he learned his best moves as a result of the constantly playing music in the Bronx. Growing up with a passion for dance, the 21 year-old who is now known for his quickstep on the basketball court first learned how to handle the pressures of performing for crowds by performing with his dance troupe, Future Flavors."

    The Basketball Jones: Savvy/Shabby: Game 4 inbounds passes
    "The reason why this is a savvy play is because if Terry catches the ball on the fly, he establishes possession in the front court, and when his momentum takes him into the backcourt, it would be a backcourt violation. A few years ago, the NBA changed their rules regarding backcourt violations, allowing offenses to pass the basketball to the backcourt in the final two minutes of the game. Terry was well aware of the rule, knew that if he let the basketball bounce, he could pick it up in the backcourt without penalty. That happens and Terry is able to wasted 2.3 seconds before getting fouled and hitting both foul shots."

    SLAM: Mock: Nikola Vucevic, No. 17
    "Vucevic is a legit 7-footer who is very finesse on the offensive end and likes to bang at the same time. His skills are very polished and with his great work ethic, his consistency is beginning to pick up as well."

    DIME: NBA Trade Rumor: Jonny Flynn & No. 2 For DeMar DeRozan & No. 5
    "In a straight player swap, a Flynn-for-DeRozan deal seems to make sense for both teams. The Raptors are in need of a franchise point guard, and the T-Wolves are in need of a starting two. And with Derrick Williams the clear selection at No. 2 in this month’s NBA Draft, Minnesota has every incentive to try and move this pick. We know that Flynn is on the block, and Michael Beasley‘s name has also surfaced in trade talks as well. Whether or not these are package deals with the pick remains to be seen."

    DIME: Dime NBA Draft Profile: Colorado’s Alec Burks
    "Like a few others in this year’s draft, Burks has a great chance to be the best player in five years. As a freshman in college, he impressed and was considered a lock for the first round; his decision to come back allowed Burks to round out his game even more. During his sophomore year, he proved he is a dangerous scorer and can get buckets from anywhere on the court. If improving year-after-year is a trend, Burks will only get better and end up as a very good NBA player."

    ESPN: OK, so why did LeBron score only eight points?
    "Against an aggressive, well-prepared defense, he backed down, erring on the side of passivity. While that's better than his taking shots just to take shots, LeBron needs to be himself, even in deference. It doesn't matter whether he or Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh is the source of the most offense, but all three need to be involved."

    ESPN: Daily Dime
    "His temperature hit 102 and he wheezed his way on the court. But in the end, he scored 10 fourth-quarter points on his way to 21 points overall and 11 rebounds in the 86-83 NBA Finals Game 4 win."


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