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Around The World: June 1

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    June 1

    Trail Blazers: Report: Trail Blazers To Work Out Thomas
    "He averaged 16.8 points and 6.1 assists his junior year. Decent numbers. The 2-1 assist/turnover ratio isn't bad, but it's certainly nothing to write home about. Same goes for the 35 percent shooting from the 3-point line. The Huskies did make the NCAA Tournament in all three of Thomas' seasons at Washington, so I suppose he figures it's about time to move on. He does have one year of eligibility left."

    Trail Blazers: Blogshakalaka Mock Draft
    "I know it seems like we say this every June, but this NBA draft would appear to not have a lot of franchise players available. It could be an extremely weak one. But if we’ve learned one thing about the draft, it’s this: It’s only fair to wait 2 or 3 years to really judge the talent in a draft, or lack thereof."

    Blazersedge: Reasons to Like the Trail Blazers
    "It'll be fascinating to see how the Blazers try to work their way out of their current conundrum. We'll all be happier if Brandon Roy and Greg Oden all of a sudden get healthy and lead this franchise on a charge to unexpected heights. If that doesn't happen, though, it'll still be interesting to see how much they can give, how much the Blazers value those contributions, and exactly at what point they decide to pull the trigger on making changes."

    ESPN: Hollinger: Andre Miller Is Portland's "Most Expendable Piece"
    "One obvious way to get better is by having a healthy Greg Oden. Beyond that, I think they have to get more shooting, and Andre Miller is the most expendable piece in that equation. I can undestand the hesitation to deal him, but unless they can find a market for Brandon Roy (good luck with that), Miller and Fernandez are the expendable pieces. I'm also interested to see what Elliot Williams can give them."

    Ball Don't Lie: Calling Dallas’ glass half-empty, and a whole lot worse
    "The zone wasn't completely useless, but the Heat scored 20 points on 18 possessions against the zone. But more importantly, it allowed the Heat to have the Mavs in man defense down the stretch, and to let their superstars play.''

    The Basketball Jones: Dirk Nowitzki injures finger, no one cares
    “He’s right-handed,” [LeBron] James said. “It won’t affect him. He’s still going to be great. He’s still Dirk.”

    The Basketball Jones: Video: Great Finals moments, in Lego form
    "Seeing this video makes me hope J.J. Barea does something really awesome in this year’s Finals, just so the people at Tauntr can use him full-size next to the Legos. Color his head yellow, tape a cardboard circle on top and you won’t be able to tell the difference."

    The Basketball Jones: LeBron and Dwyane model the finest in grandpa wear
    "On your right, Dwyane Wade! Dwyane’s sporting a more subdued number today, but it’s still great for all you geezers out there. The real eye-catcher is that lavender cardigan, completely unnecessary in the Miami Heat, but oh so soft. With that crisp white dress shirt and dark tie, he looks ready for an afternoon on the town. Maybe some shuffleboard and Werther’s Originals? In that getup, anything’s in play. Grey polyester trousers, a grandpa staple, complete the outfit, making this a versatile ensemble that can go from the coffee shop to a nap in the La-Z-Boy during “Matlock” in a jiffy."

    SLAM: Mock Draft: Alec Burks, No. 10
    "43%: That’s what Milwaukee shot from the field this season. Also rock bottom in the League. Jennings does his best to weigh down that average by hitting just 39 percent of the 14.7 floaters, fadeaways and bent-armed lefty threes he chucks up each night. Players like Burks are often incorrectly diagnosed as volume scorers; he’s the star player for a lesser program who was asked to do shoot, dribble, pass, take charges and then hand out towels during timeouts. Not the case. After an incredible 54 percent on 10.6 shots per game in his rookie year (that’s 1.6 PPS for the metric-minded), Burks bumped his shot output to 14 per game, understandably, yet his numbers remained solid: 47 percent or 1.4 PPS. Voluminous or not, efficiency’s not a concern with this Buffalo."

    DIME: Dime NBA Draft Profile: UConn’s Kemba Walker
    "If there is one quality that NBA general managers simply cannot overlook, it is the ability to win. So few players are consistently as successful as Walker was last year in college. Even if Walker ended up being an average player, his wining mentality is what will keep him in the NBA for a long time. He makes players around him better and has the “it” factor, which certainly bodes well for his future."

    ESPN: Daily Dime
    "Dirk Nowitzki played strongly for the Mavericks, putting up 27 points and eight rebounds despite severing a tendon in his left hand late in the game. Marion was excellent, too, with 16 points and 10 rebounds. But in Game 1 -- like the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls before them -- the Mavericks couldn't overcome the triple threat."


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