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Around The World: May 10

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    May 10

    Trail Blazers: Trail Blazers’ Favorite Moments: Brandon Roy
    “I would say my top moment was my first game back, just being back on the court,” Roy said. “Against the Lakers, just walking out there on the court again and moving and playing, it was just big for me personally that I was back playing basketball again.”

    Oregon Live: You Be The GM: Chris Johnson
    "Chris' personality and his demeanor and his talent and his approach fits the DNA of the guys that I'm trying to bring in here," General manager Rich Cho said in his exit meeting with the media."

    Blazersedge: 2010-11 Portland Trail Blazers Roster Rundown: Brandon Roy
    "Either way it'll be up to Brandon to take the lead if he's going to grab it back.. He's going to return in the fall gunning for that starting spot. That's a good thing for him and the Blazers. It'll show everything he has to give. He's going to have to decide that knees aren't going to stop him. He's going to have to risk cutting on them, endure pain, and just play ball. If that doesn't work he's going to have to limp into the sunset of 15 minutes per game in reserve and find a comfort level there that doesn't disrupt the locker room or rotation. Either of those possibilities will test his will and his mental game. In the end that may be the most crucial test: not what hand Roy has been dealt, but how he's able to play the cards. It's all-in or fold. Whichever happens, we're going to see the real Brandon Roy that's been lurking beneath the All-Star facade. For the Blazers' sake, let's hope the heretofore-excellent assessments of his character and mental game have been accurate."

    Salt Lake Tribune: As I’ve always said, Matthews a bargain
    "So as questions persist about the Jazz’s efforts to keep Matthews before he signed Portland’s offer sheet, some fans have regrets. Longtime season-ticket holder Riley Risto, of Midway, describes tuning into the NBA playoffs as “sort of like self-flagellation” because “it’s pretty disappointing to think about the could-have- and should-have-beens when watching the Jazz of the East [Chicago] and Wes Matthews extend their seasons.”

    DIME: New Washington Wizards Jerseys, Colors & Logos
    “I think it’s only appropriate that our teams, playing in the heart of our nation’s capital, wear red, white and blue,” said Leonsis, on the new look. “It is gratifying that we are adopting a color scheme and introducing new team marks that illustrate our exciting future while reconnecting with our proud past.”

    Ball Don't Lie: Gone Baby gone: Glen Davis puts out an APB for himself, his game
    "I've been nowhere to be found throughout this whole playoffs — I have to find myself," Davis told reporters after Game 4, noting that he needs to do "everything — hit some shots, rebound, take some charges" better."

    The Basketball Jones: Dwight has had enough of your ‘dumb articles’
    “Y does it seem like the writers of Orlando sentinel are tryna push me out of Orlando with dumb articles. It’s annoying. Can I enjoy my summer and get ready for next season in Orlando. Pls. Same thing u guys did to Shaq. Smh”

    DIME: The 10 Most Surprising Sweeps In NBA Playoff History
    “It’s amazing how different a series can look after one game. Coming into the Finals, the Rockets were just an overachieving sixth seed that had won only 47 regular-season games. Orlando was the future, a future that was pressing to become the present. Orlando had the home-court advantage, and jumped out to an enormous lead in Game 1. Then Nick Anderson happened and the Magic completely fell apart. The Magic, along with the Spurs, were the two best teams in the league in 1995. Funny, that even after they derailed San Antonio, no one thought the Rockets could take Orlando. They were wrong.”

    DIME: Dime NBA Draft Profile: Duke’s Kyrie Irving
    “If we were to examine freshman point guards from the past few years, there might not have been one with the skill level or basketball IQ of Irving. His all-around game is unlike any freshman point guard in the past five years. His balance between being a distributor and a scorer is reminiscent of Chris Paul when he was at Wake Forest. He shot 46 percent from outside and 90 percent from the line. There is no doubt that Irving’s skill level will enable him to start on an NBA team from Day One.”

    ESPN: Daily Dime
    “But KG never came, even as Pierce began waving desperately for him to move toward him with the clock ticking down. Allen -- confused as to why Garnett was not setting the screen for Pierce -- hesitated, then retreated. As the seconds dwindled to nothing, Pierce was forced to take an off balance fallaway at the buzzer.”

    ESPN: How will series unwind in Windy City?
    “Given the circumstance the second-year guard stepped into entering this series, Teague deserves a 10. You could make the case that he's the Hawks' second-most important player behind Joe Johnson. And he's been their most consistent performer this series. As far as expectations from here on out, I'd give him an 8. He won't win battles with Rose, but he'll make him work and won't make many mistakes while doing so.”


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