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Around The World: February 11

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    February 11

    Oregon Live: Trail Blazers: Nate McMillan, Wesley Matthews talk about the sudden resignation of Utah coach Jerry Sloan
    “He always told me to stay hungry, stay ready,” Matthews said. “He’s just a real person. He’s an Old School guy, been around this game a long time. He always told me, ‘You never know when you’re time is going to come.’ And he always had all the old sayings and messages. That’s what he’s all about. What you see is what you get. He was a man of few words (but) he got to the point. He just wanted you to work hard.”

    Oregon Live: Blazers: With Portland hanging onto No. 8 spot, Nate McMillan wants players to avoid road letdown
    "I think what is important is that we get better, and we're going to have to, to have a better second half of the season to get into playoffs, and not play just to get into the eighth spot," McMillan said.

    Columbian: Recent wins give Blazers some hope
    "Twelve seasons ago, Camby was part of a New York Knicks team that entered the playoffs as an eighth seed and made it all the way to the NBA Finals sans Patrick Ewing. He said he thinks about that every day."

    Rip City Project: What Jerry Sloan’s Departure Means for the Blazers
    "So that’s the short-term impact. Taking a long view, Sloan stepping down may or may not have a huge impact on the Northwest division and the league as a whole. For the division, if Corbin can’t keep the Jazz relevant, and Carmelo leaves Denver, the Northwest goes from one of the best division in the NBA to one of the worst. In 2009-10 four teams from the Northwest division made the playoffs: Portland, Denver, OKC, and Utah. There is a fair chance that at least one of those teams won’t be on that list this year. It’s good for Portland if the competition is weak as far as their record is concerned, but a watered down division makes the Blazers vulnerable against better teams."

    Houston Chronicle: There's only one given: Rockets GM Daryl Morey wants to find at least one trading partner by Feb. 24. That leaves countless variables to ponder
    "Though several veteran centers might be available at the deadline — Morey could seek a deal for Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman or Samuel Dalembert — the Rockets are more likely to pursue a younger though less-proven talent."

    Ball Don't Lie: Haier Shooting Stars participants announced, finally
    "With so many NBA and WNBA franchises in Texas, the league has allowed them to team together for Team Texas. That might seem a little unfair to the other squads, but this team won the whole shebang last season, and there's no arguing with winners. Dirk is the best shooter of the NBA bunch, and Hammon can hold her own. Their chances may rest with Smith, who will playing under a lot of pressure on his home network of TNT.''

    Ball Don't Lie: Why HORSE failed at All-Star weekend
    "The worst aspect of the 2010 HORSE competition, though, was that the league just didn't structure the event to suit the game's strengths. HORSE is a game that needs to breathe to succeed -- people associate it with hanging out with friends on an afternoon, not playing it in front of thousands of fans. The crowd is obviously an unavoidable fact when the NBA is involved, but you can fix that issue by letting the game last for a long period of time (i.e. not just 90 minutes) and keeping the interaction of the TNT crew to a minimum. If HORSE was going to work, it was by letting the players take control, not having the structure dictate the game. When last year's competition ended with Rondo and Durant in a league-mandated 3-point shooting contest from the top of the key, it was clear that the NBA didn't really trust the game to work on its own.''

    SLAM: Pip Talk
    "SP: There’s a lot of other teams out there right now that look a lot better than the Miami Heat, and I would much rather be elaborating on them breaking the record than Miami, because they’re nowhere near it. They haven’t even won the most games in the state of Florida, as I said. That record is far out of their reach—they need to break the Miami Heat franchise win record, than we can start to, at least, sit down and talk."

    DIME: Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 2.11
    "Chauncey Billups posted 30 points, five rebounds, nine assists, three steals, a block and five three-pointers. He shot 53 percent (10-19) from the field, 100 percent (5-5) from the free-throw line and had three turnovers. This was especially good to see given that he missed the game before this with a knee injury, which appears to have been minor now. Trade possibilities aside, Billups has worked past his early-season struggles to be a top-25 fantasy player once again."

    ESPN: Daily Dime
    "I would never force Coach Sloan out of Utah. He's meant more to this town, to this organization than I have, by far. That's not my place. If that was the case, I would've just said I wanted out before."


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